Ultimate Cars, Watches & Hi Fi S02 ep11 : JC Biever, Hublot Watches, [????]

Interview with JC Biever

The Big Bang models of grandiose proportions diameter illustrate the four elements of Hublot’s new fusion concept: traditional Swiss watchmaking, visionary artistic ideas, the blending of materials and the latest technological advances. The new model also demonstrates the company’s legendary design skills. The angles have been sharpened slightly to accentuate the multilayered complexity of the enlarged case.


Hublot: For me Hublot is my future. My passion of watches had started when I was eight years old
when I got an Omega Constellation from my grandfather and then my passion became absolutely
real when I developed the Hublot. The tradition, the culture, the art, the heritage, four-hundred
years of tradition, that was my passion, to give rebirth to all that.

Hublot: The quartz is a phenomenal technology, it is the child of a technological process. Anything
that come from technology is meant to die and to get a new technology and a better and a finer, the
art of making traditional watches is four-hundred years old.

Hublot: The Otomar of Venice of the Piazza St Martin is four-hundred years old, you know the
angles and putting the, hitting the clock and it is still repairable, a technological product cannot be
repaired after forty or fifty years, so with Blowpa we were totally reversed to the general trend that
was going for technology and we were going for art. Now with Hublot, why is Hublot my future?
Because I did not want to repeat myself.

Hublot: With Hublot I had the possibility to take my passion for the tradition and fuse it with
materials and technology of the future. What does it mean? With Blowpa in the old days I could
not have done a ceramic watch, I could not have done a magnesium watch, it was not in those days
in our philosophy.

Hublot: I have been knowing Mr Cocco since 1984, he was the agent of Blowpa for Italy and for
Spain, this guy was selling our watches. So I knew him as an agent and with Hublot I thought that
would be brand to buy for me, I wanted to buy the brand by the way, which I could not, I only have
a participation of twenty percent and I thought with this brand I will be able to put my passion of
tradition AND to mix it with some elements of the future. I am passionate about light materials,
magnesium, ceramic, tanxton, zirconium, I mean this is the materials that I am surrounded with, I
have a boat with kevlar sails, I have a car with ceramic brakes. So, I like this unbelievable mixture
between tradition and future. Hublot should be the art of fusion in watchmaking art, this is our

Hublot: I have done and that’s my favourite watch, I wear by the way. Is to have a watch that is
totally in ceramic and ceramic is for me, in my opinion is the best material for a watch. Why?
Number one, ceramic is a hundred percent anti-no allergy because we use ceramic the teeth doctor,
you know … or in the hips or in the knee, it’s totally anti-allergy. Number two, ceramic is
UNSCRATCHABLE, you can never scratch it. Only a diamond could scratch ceramic and number
three, it’s thirty percent lighter than steel. So God damn, it’s the perfect product to be worn on the
wrist from the material point of view. So we have done a ceramic, totally black, plus I have done a
dial, totally black plus I have done hands, totally black, black, black, black. If you take Big Ben in
London, the dial is white, the hands are black and the dots are black, why? In order to see what
time it is. When the watchmaker came he said mister … don’t shout at me, you will see a result
that is terrible but I followed your instructions, I said show me, I said “Ah!! This is great!” he said
to me how can you say that? You cannot read, I said I don’t need to read what time it is, I look at
my watch, that’s enough. When I look at my watch, I have the pleasure of looking at my watch I
don’t want to look what time it is. To know what time it is I can have my computer, I have my car
and my phone.

Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio

Hublot: If I would be in an industry for which I have no passion, I would be like everybody. I
would be normal but when you are passionate, when you have this incredible privilege to mix your
passion and your job and to make one, then you don’t work anymore.

Hublot: For the time being we are on the more natural trip, we are on a trip of high visibility, that’s
our period. People are wearing watches, not to watch what time it is but to communicate who they
are and when I want to communicate who I am, then I want a big watch probably because a small
watch is more difficult to see, I want to communicate from a long distance. I want if you sit in the
restaurant, there are five table there that you can see my watch. So as long as my watch is my
communicating tool of my personality of my status. When people buy a certain car, is also that
they want to show, if they buy a certain yacht and stay in the harbour of St Tropes for ten days.

Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio

Hublot: One day we will come back to high purity, to less is more. Now we are more is more and
less is more we come. I cannot tell you when. Maybe ten, maybe fifteen, maybe twenty years, I
don’t know, but I am sure it will come back.

Hublot: We are starting to walk out of our product but to stay in our concept. To keep the same
message of fusion and to apply it maybe to pens, maybe to jewellery, maybe you know, and maybe
to handbags. So we are clearly studying, now when will it be the right time for Hublot to do that
once we have reached a certain consolidation of our watch business.

Jewellery Theatre Elements

Hublot: The biggest privilege I had is Mitsukoshi Watch Fair 2007, I go there, I visit, it's a big
watch fair, every brand has a little booth, not like here in Basa but very small but nevertheless
heavily identified brand by brand, already do turnover of three to five million on one day, so it's
huge, all the Japanese privileged customers from Mitsukoshi attend this fair and buy. The salesman
from Mitsukoshi comes to me and says Mr Beaver, I just sold a Hublot I want a signature, the
customer would like you to sign the guarantee can you do that? I said of course, it's a privilege, I
do that with pleasure and congratulations that you sold an Hublot. So I come and see the customer
and I say hey, congratulations, bravo, I will make you a special guarantee, I will sign it for you.
And he said ah, thank you very much Mr Beaver I am so pleased, you know I'm a big watch
collector. I said you're a watch collector? Yes, I have a hundred and fifty seven … I have this and
that. Ah, I said fantastic! Oh, unbelievable why did you buy Hublot? He said you know why I
bought your Big Bang, I said no, he said, he said, because it connects me to the future and I need to
be connected to the future because I am 92 years old. Then I signed the guarantee and I put down
on the guarantee the year I give you my personal guarantee blah, blah, blah till 2015 and when he
read it he said thank you for 2015 but I don't need the guarantee so long.

Jewellery Theatre Fairytales

Hublot: I went one day to a restaurant, they said Sir, we are fully booked. I said come on because
there is always a seat available, I know what it means, you know I'm also in the business and for
personalities or when I want, there is always a possibility to get my watch immediately and not to
wait one year and the young lady said, no, no, no, I'm sorry I cannot. And as I was talking loudly,
comes a man 45 years old and he comes to me and said, how many people are you? I said listen we
are four people. Okay let me arrange it for you. I said wow, thank you, you see, and I say to the
lady and she tells me ah, okay but he is the boss and then we walk and while I'm walking these
twenty seconds through the restaurant, I said thank you very much, I'm very pleased that you found
a table, he said you know, when I saw your watch I thought you are a person that is important
because that's the watch I'm dreaming of.

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