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Interview with Roman Weber

Weber Sportcars is the Automotive Division of Roman Weber GmbH, a company developing and producing high-tech sports cars and provider of engineering services and car systems for the automotive industry


Weber: Weber is my name and this is our car. We built it in Switzerland and all parts of the car are
made in Switzerland, we have own developed gearbox, we have our own engine, and we use a
seven litre block but all parts, inner parts, are made in our factory. The semi-automated gearbox is
developed in our factory and is produced in our factory. We are in the east of Switzerland near of
Lake of Constance.

Weber: It was always a dream to produce the car can accelerate as fast, we can go from zero to
100km per hours in 2.5 from zero to 200 in 6.6 and top speed is a little bit over than 400km per

Weber: This car has only 1,100kg and has an intelligent four wheel drive in, this helps a lot for
accelerate, this helps a lot for curves, can drive big G forces in curves because the car is very light
and we have the centre of gravity is very low.

Weber: We started about before five years, we were a team from 21 engineers which were making
development, we did do a lot of aerodynamics, tuning, we have a front spoiler inside in the front
you cannot see, but there is in a special tunnel for we have more down force, also we have the
wing which can produce a lot of down force because it’s adaptive wing with a hydraulic and he can
set the engine for driving program you have. And if you brake, the wing comes up to 85° and

Weber: Five years before we did make a competition and on the internet we were looking for car
designers which can create the car, we were saying the car must, can go over 400, the car will have
a four wheel drive and so the points we were giving, and it was very interesting, we get a lot of
very interesting designs, we had a gremium of five people and from all designs we get we work to
… this design. The first designer is Sebastian Zim from Germany, he’s our automotive designer.

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Weber: I’m engineer for machinery and the other 21 engineers all are from Formula One. I had
two years to bring the people together and then we could start.

Weber: It was like a puzzle, I found one then I found a second and all people very enthusiastic in
produce a car and so we were growing and all very enthusiastic people working in the night and
Sunday and Saturday and so we were, yes, this was the passion, so we could create this car.

Weber: We have an engine with 900 horsepower with two superchargers, have 1050 Newton
metres, and we have an intelligent four wheel drive, and we have the car weight only 1,100kg so
we can accelerate faster than each other. And this is the reason why people should buy this car.
Our chassis is from aeroplane aluminium, having only 70kg, the complete body is made in carbon
fibre, we have own electronics and steering wheel inside, we have a lounge control for we can
accelerate very fast we can gear changes in 50 milliseconds up and down, it’s a lot of Formula One
engineering inside, we also are a supplier for Formula One teams and for … teams we are
producing parts for the Formula One in high strength aluminium, titanium and special steels, we
also make moulds for Formula One, Formula One is some of our business.

Weber: We have a development department for every part from electronics, from engine, from
gearbox, from body, from chassis.

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Weber: We used some parts from the first one for the second because in development you always
have to test something to change something, and this car we think now is ready for customers.
July, August we will make the official roll out with customers with price.

Weber: As more as we developed, as more perfectly the car was coming in first thinking I always
said we don’t make compromises, because Formula One they also don’t make compromises, and it
was very important for us to stay down with the weight. We always said 1,100kg we cannot go
higher and for this we have special carbon fibres and the engine also was the … was say we must
have a very flat torque, the have by 3,000 Newton metres it’s maximal torque and then going
straight up to 7,000.

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Weber: We have intelligent four wheel drive inside and we have very hard differentials in this car
so we can really hard accelerate and we have a central differential, electronically controlled. We
are very happy that Pirelli provides us with these tyres and gives us the tyres free and was making
a development for us that they can go over 400 and this is the first project in Switzerland
sponsored from Pirelli. Pirelli never was doing something like this before in Switzerland.

Weber: First year we want to produce three cars, later we go up, want to go up to five, maybe ten.
Ten we think is the maximum per year. The actual price is one million Euros.

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Weber: Last year when we were here, we had a flat and it was not so lucky, we had a lot of
troubles here for coming in was a lot of time, needs the whole day to come into this fair only
because we had that flat. The wheels, this is the only one part we don’t made in our factory, we
bought it.

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