Ultimate Cars, Watches & Hi Fi S02 ep13 : Bernard Richard, BRM Watches, [????]

Interview with Bernard Richard

Sporting a BRM watch for the first time is like admiring a line of cars with extraordinary engineering on the starting line of a mythical race. The superior mechanical performance unites with human desire to surpass ordinary expectations : to push the outer limits of human indulgence ! Wearing one of these superb time pieces makes a personal statement about life.


BRM: BRM is a three letter, is Bernard Richard Manufacturer, is the only French manufacturer of
watches, my inspiration come from the racing spirit.

BRM: All my life I am doing some watches for biggest brand from Switzerland and other country
and five years ago I decided to take the opportunity to do my own brand in the luxury market and
now we are very in success.

BRM: The BRM look is very special because the movement on the watch are looking like a
mechanic pieces of racing, some are special come from motorcycles, other special come from car.
When you put all of that together, they do a BRM.

BRM: We are the only brand if you want two hands red and one hand yellow on the same watches
we do for me that is a conception of the luxury, everybody talk about the luxury but everybody do
the same. Five years ago we don’t exist and now we produce 2,000 watches a year. I am sure we
have a success like we have now is because we are so different.

BRM: My parents living on the watch market when I am young I see all my life the watches I’m
very bad on the school. My parents put me on … school in Paris 35 years ago now, when I am just
in front of my machine, is very easy for me to do that because it’s all my life, I am living in this

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BRM: The quartz it’s a … for a lot of brand but I am not sure that quartz is very bad you know on
the market you have different philosophy is the same on the car, is the same on the clothes, is the
same for everything in the world you can in your head you can say that is bad, that is good. The
quartz gives you the right time, the mechanic give you the dream.

BRM: We have 15 machines CNC they give us the possibility to do a lot of special movement.
We starting the … on with no plan, three months after the first piece is turned is because we have a
lot of machine and we have the good guy and the good place in my place.

BRM: Nobody do 100%, we do the maximum what is possible to do in house. I invest a lot of
money in CNC machine, five million of Euro on is for to be free when I want something I go I talk
to one of my guys say, please, if it’s possible to do, we do.

BRM: I like to go in different way to learning different material, we doing in tool of the house,
come inside the titanium steel, fibreglass, ceramic, we tooling all the material in our house. If I not
working with other brand before I have no time now to but I have, we know now how to do that
kind of business.

BRM: 200 pilot bought BRM, I am sure I didn’t give one watch in all my life, I’m sure all these
pilot put BRM on hand because they like the spirit of what I’m doing.

BRM: We starting at 2,000 Euro and we going now to 150,000 Euro for a … and we have very
success because all the production of this year are selling now.

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BRM: You know I don’t know how to designer, I’m really no, I’m going in front of one machine
and I do the … pieces in aluminium and I change when and when I am happy I stop, I take al the
clock inside and after we make the early … series but I don’t know how to design. We have no
three dimension, I do all by hand like before. I didn’t open one computer in all my life.

BRM: When you do something on a computer you see one image, when you finish your pieces
probably you will not, you are not happy because one image on the reality is the same of one
picture of somebody on when you have that person in front of you is not the same, for me to create
or to do a watch of … something, one object is better if you do before in right size on everything
finish you know the good prototype and that’s how you have that in front of you and after you
decide if you want to go ahead or not.

BRM: I’m just a driver you know, I drive in my company with my team. My budget make … you
know when I talk with him it’s for him, when you make a, is not meant for me, it’s not meant to do
that is my life.


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BRM: We are in the 21 Century and I look a lot of brand they think we are in 19 or 20 at this time
on the generation of when you go in your car you see carbon fibre very high tech metal you
everywhere on the computer in all vitro ceramic for the kitchen everything and the people thinking
the watch have to do like before. Yes, is good, I don’t say but all the market is not the same. There
are a lot of little niche on the market.

BRM: For me when I starting my brand, I say I have to go in the 100 more beautiful shop in the
world and now I am in that way. And I starting with nothing you know I’m not rich, I do my brand
with 100,000 Euro, all my brand. I have nothing for starting. That is for me, that is a success to put
my name on the top.

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BRM: I have a lot of very rich customer in my life beside me, one of my customer wonder is a
very rich guy and he told me I just want a ring like my watches and I do the ring like his you know
he drives a plane, is very, very rich, I just want a little ring, that is funny guy, and I do for him a

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