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Interview with Marco Lang

Marco Lang was born in 1971 and grew up in the atmosphere and challenge of the Dresden watch making tradition. As a fifth - generation watchmaker, he could already learn by observing his father Rolf Lang who worked as head restorer in the Mathematical / Physical Cabinet (Mathematisch Physikalischer Salon), one of the world-famous collections of watches and precision mechanical instruments


Lang: I am the watch maker in sixth generation. My grand, grand grandfather has founded the
firm, as not a manufacturer, he was a restorer and repair watch maker. The mind from the watch
maker I have get from family, my father was a chief restorer at the mathematic physically Zirlon
in Dresden, it’s a very important collection of watches, the clocks. I have learned very much with
my father.

Lang: It was only one way for me, for my father, as a child I was born to be play guitar, but my
father says you must go the way for a watch maker and only this, now I think it was the best for

Lang: When I was five years I make buildings with wood, the hand made, this was what I learned
by him I think my first watch I repaired when I was ten years.

Lang: My father has a workshop too at home, very small, and when he was not at home so I go
there and look everything all tools and it was very fascinating for me.

Lang: After the school I going to … I was born near Saxon, that’s where I was four years, I go
with my family to Dresden.

So you are originally from East Germany.

Lang: Yes and my grandfather was learning too his master in … but after the Second World War,
the way for the watches for the watch making in … was very simple, not very exclusive watches.
There’s a school in … 1980 wasn’t so good and that’s why my father has tell me you have to learn
at first position mechanic and after that the wall falling down and then I was going to watch
making master for tradition, very traditional restorer in the near of B… you know Fleischner and
he makes very much with high techniques pocket watches or pendulum clocks too.

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Lang: In all Germany the way in watch making was very highly what down high and in the 1500
was in Germany very scientific watch making but then was falling down in France and in England
was very scientific to Germany comes back in 1800 at first it was independent watch makers they
worked for the kings but not create serious, more watches are built in Swiss and so the history in
Saxon was a little bit on our side.

Lang: As at first Lang and Zerner, Ferdinand out of Langer was going from Dresden, he was a
Dresdener first born in Dresden, he goes to G… and builds industry and that’s, that was the start for
the industrial watch making in Saxon so it’s a little bit different to the tradition of Swiss from the
quality I think it’s the same but it’s another style.

Have you got examples of watches or clocks made by your great, great grandfather?

Lang: Yes, yes, they’re masterpieces from this man we have as a family but we at the moment my
father has this and when my father is dead so I get this in my collection.

Do you have then clocks from each of your

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Lang: Yes and from generation to generation.

And how different are your watches compared to your forefathers?

Lang: Not so different, more complicated I think.

Lang: The masterpieces, before the Second World War, you have a crowned calibre and the
students gets it and builds a watch. He take, he must build a watch from crowned.

Lang: Bregeut was from the 1800’s our starts for watch making a little bit later. Ferdinand of Lang
was one of men of this but we have different men of this in Dresden before Lang so I thought good
case was very good independent watch makers I think there is they build ten clocks or ten watches
but very scientific. For Humberg for example Zeifeld make economator for him but only one.

Lang: Now it’s better for me to live in East Germany, for us it’s a dream Lang and Zerner was
founded again and … and so on G… is a town was goes high and communicate as the walls now
we build watches in Germany.

Lang: You must be a watch maker in the head and the hands are not so important. I have an
engraver, he is very … with the hands, but it’s very nice work what he make.

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Lang: When I restore, when I repair antique watches, it was building my taste and I very like the
pocket watches from the 19th Century. This I want to rebuild in a wrist watch, not to make a copy,
the style of the watch and with … and with ¾ plate and the sun lift this we take from the old

Lang: I want to make a watch not to sale it, I want to make a watch only for me and then this is
my taste, I like it very traditionally and I like it too very new, very modern, but it’s not my way.

Lang: Not every watch maker is an artist. There is, the most of the watch maker are repairers or
industry he very special in one work, an artist must be all things, all things of one of watch making
for us so he must build the cases with the movement and but he must make a new creation, the
creation is this what’s what a watch maker make to the artist.

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Lang: Last year we have made 30 watches yes, 30, my destination in the near future is to go into
200, 200 watches in a year so we now we are a little team. My first destination is to make all my
ideas in one watch, but for this I have to sell you some watches. But this year perhaps we have 50
watches and so every year a little bit more and not every year a new model, order, we have so
much orderings it’s not a problem for us to sell the watches.

It’s a problem to manufacture.

Lang: Yes.

Lang: I have had more from the discussion with some managers from other creative companies
but it’s not my way, my way is to be independent so I want to live for my dreams.

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