Ultimate Cars, Watches & Hi Fi S02 ep14 : Olly Brinkmann, K1 Sportcars, [France]

Interview with Olly Brinkmann

Driving a sports car fills the entire body with emotion, but driving the K1 Roadster is even more of a sensation. The completely hand-made racing car links quality and character with superb workmanship and an excellent performance. If you want to drive a sports car feeling comfortable and secure, the K1 is the ideal car, providing a breathtaking driving experience


K1: K1 sports cars is one of the most famous sports cars in this range and we are only building 50
cars per year and everything is hand made on the car without the engine, it is an engine from
Jaguar which we have to put into the car.

K1: The advantage from the car is that we have a lot of experience from our racing team and from
the race parts put into the car so that we have a lot of mechanics work into the car, we have 52% of
the weight on the rear side and we have 48% on the front side and nearly 80% of the weight of the
car is sitting between the wheels and so it’s driving like a sort of super go-cart.

K1: The car is now nearly perfect and we introduce a car on different auto shows and on the race
track and now we try to put this project on the street, with street homologation and we make it a
little be known because now it’s only known from a few people which are really auto enthusiastic
people but from the time we go to newspapers like auto build or television station the car is getting
more and more popular and then we are arranging the dealerships and all the clients in Germany
and Netherlands, Belgium, France and so on.

K1: We are involved of sports cars because one of my main sponsors I’m doing car racing we
have a known racing team in Germany. We are driving touring cars with known under DTM, it’s a
German touring car master ship which Audi and Mercedes is fighting and we have two DTM Audis
which are running in the Dutch Super Car Challenge and there we do it in the GT series.

K1: Our sponsor are a big investor from Netherlands was interesting in the project K1 and he puts
a lot of money into this project because he is really auto enthusiastic.

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K1: It was really a great step to develop a new car, normally it’s so everything is settled in the
auto world with big factories but in such a little factory you can have your own opinions you can
better do something or something like this, and that is really interesting.

K1: We are producing the car in Slovakia it is done in Bratislava but Bratislava is now the most
famous car produce city worldwide, there is Kia, Porsche, Audi, everything is done in Bratislava
right now and but the finishing we are doing in Germany.

K1: The really special and different in the car is that the developer and the engineer of the car his
name is Dick Renowski, has the same thinking as we have as a racing team and we have as an
investor of the car, normally the way the whole car world now is doing is in my opinion running
into a wrong side because all the sport cars are having more weight using more benzine, more
powerful and the costs are getting higher, higher and higher and we are, according to this, do a
completely other way, we try to do a sports car which less weight, less horsepower, less benzine,
this car was now on German auto build tested for two weeks and they have a fuel from 10.2 litres
in two weeks. And that is great for such as sportive car.

K1: We have a frame and in the frame there is only a few space and the Jaguar engine was the
best conclusion to do it because it really fits into the car and for us it was really important to bring
an engine in the car which is trustable which has much horsepower and which has no turbo
charging because if you have a car with such less weight it’s really a problem if you have a turbo
charge into it because of the handling and we want to have a lot of mechanical grip in the car so
that you can go into each corner in principal with full throttle and without braking or under-
steering or over-steering in the car and that is what set out which is now used in the car really

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K1: It is really near a race car because of the weight in the car you are sitting nearly on the bottom
of the car, you have very good feeling from steering and the big advantage is that you have from
the weight which is in the car nearly a feeling from a race car, it’s not a usual street car and we
have a lot of clients which are driving big sports cars like Ferrari, Lamborghini, they are sitting in
the car and they are really astonished which a car which so less horsepower have such a sportive
feeling and they said it’s much better handling without traction control, without EBS system and
all the stuff, because everything is done here by mechanical way.

K1: We have three possibility to make a set up for our clients we have all the clients which wants
to have it more convenient and we have sportive clients and if we do the set up from the company
right now you can have it really sportive and if you have chosen for the sportive set up on the car,
it’s nearly like a race car only street version.

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K1: We have now already sold two cars to customers which has one of the known companies and
the problem right now is there are too much of it, if you have a Lamborghini, if you have a Ferrari,
ten years ago you were something extraordinary, but now if you came into towns like Berlin or
Munich or Milano, it’s really similar, nobody or less people are looking for this car and so this type
of people wants to have a really sportive car wants to have something extraordinary too and that’s
the 100% right car for this.

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K1: Most of the people which are interested in the car have a very sportive feeling about cars and
everybody is thinking that they are by themselves race drivers and normally it’s so if you are doing
a test drive one of our professional drivers step in the car, or I step in the car, and after five minutes
they are so shocked what you can do with such type of car, with so less of horsepower that they are
really getting astonished and we have one Belgian client we did a test drive on the track and after
two rounds he has to go outside because he has a very bad feeling.

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