Ultimate Cars, Watches & Hi Fi S02 ep14 : Vianney Halter, Halter Watches, [?????]

Interview with Vianney Halter

Graduated from the watchmaking school of Paris in 1981, Vianney Halter spent the first ten years of his professional life with the restoration of old clocks, pocket- and wristwatches. This enabled him to acquire a broad knowledge of horology. Independent since 1994, he imagined and realized various timepieces for famous brands. Strong of this background, he realizes his own watch in 1998, the Antiqua. This perpetual calendar has been presented at the Basle Fair in 1998 at the AHCI boot, which he is member of since 2000.


Vianney: I am the watch maker I have won 30 … sensibility for the technical conception. New or
in the past, also I think this … have one crazy dream and crazy life.

Vianney: Now it’s possible you make all and cheap and very … and all people want max
tourbillion but now you find in China the tourbillion very cheap when you see this constitution and
you when you see this philosophy which people make this, it’s completely different with the
philosophy of the independent watch maker make.

Vianney: It’s possible you make one tourbillion in the morning because you have one big factory
with 1,000 people you working inside but in … the watch maker we make one particular
tourbillion and not in one day, not in one month, maybe in one year.

Why watch making?

Vianney: Heritage because my father have one very particular feeling with the technique, he
drives the steam train a long time ago and for me also when I see the steam machine is one dream
for me, I like this, I chose one way where it’s more possible for my brain. I don’t know what and I
not know why or so, but it’s my way.

Vianney: When I asking to my mother when I have this idea she don’t know exactly because she
remember when I have three years I touch the alarm clock and when I have five years I ask always
for go up to see the clock tower because in this time I think is gigantic, is very big and in my
dream I like the wheel and I like the all smelling very old and in place where the bird live, I think
it’s one young dream and I continue now live this dream.

Vianney: In the school I am one very bad student and I don’t find one interest and my family think
it’s necessary you change, you make one hand working and I chose watch makers school.

Vianney: My position in the watch maker school is second position because my interest is
immediately strong and after the school I find immediately one work in Paris for the restoration for
the old clock.

Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio

Vianney: The clock after one year it’s arrived for me, I work on the smaller pieces and I find one
workshop where the man have a lot, lot, lot watch, very old and completely different and for me
it’s one great Ali Baba place.

Vianney: My first fascination it’s mar… because for me it’s one target for the humanity, for
everyone control on the time.

Vianney: There is a chrome m.. it’s the life on the boat, the technology and the quality of this
making for me it’s incredible and when I work on these pieces my sensation and my feeling is very

Vianney: My first watch burn on this spirit because I sleep in my bed with one m… just for the
sound because the sound is very particular, is unique, but it’s very difficult live with on m… is just
a little bit too big and I think on my wrist if I have the same looking I am happy and I make this
first watch.

Vianney: It’s possible this watch you see in the past or you see in the future, you don’t know
exactly and after ten years I see this, the people when you discover this watch is think it’s new,
they know it’s not new, it’s a little bit old but she don’t have one particular moment in the story.
It’s one mix of old inspiration and one future dreams.

Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio

Vianney: For artist it’s necessary you have one little bit crazy thinking or crazy brain and also the
character, character of the people is it’s important in your life and in your time and I think you
have one strong character and independent also young and also with experience and this makes
gives the direction.

Vianney: When I start my first pieces it’s design, it’s inspiration for the machine and after with
this organisation on the watch I make one mechanical system but from my hand construction it’s
inverse, I see one design interesting and I remember one dream for make one very particular
movement and I make the movement and now maybe I sell one cases or I modify the case for this.
I don’t know always and also when I contact with the new people it’s possible during this exchange
I find one a new project or new idea.

Vianney: If you don’t have the light around you, you don’t know where you live and where you go
and it’s necessary the people genius around you for you want go in this direction I prefer go up
than down.

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Vianney: If you continue make just one watch or one thousand or more, or less, it’s difficult for
one independent watch maker, no where is the balance. And me I search always where it’s best
position how much pieces is necessary make now and how much pieces I sell, and maybe I sell
immediately and I think if I make more is better but that is an experience.

Vianney: When I start my apprenticeship I work with one American designer. Because he have
one art particular and I understand and we have one interesting exchange and we understand this
language and I like work with other people also, do you discover the new idea and the new ways
and the new vision and if you work always alone I think it too stupid for your brain and quickly
you is stupid.

Vianney: When I go to Paris regularly I work under the Tower Eiffel because it’s for me one
complete concept, very technical architecturally extraordinary a crazy idea, complete stupid
people they make this … I think in these times the exist people is completely crazy and he lives his
dream and we … now in heritage we have this.

Jewellery Theatre Fairytales

Vianney: The collector ask my production and like my making because I think he understands this
little bit and maybe he don’t know exactly but he have this feeling.

Vianney: I make this for one refuge and if it’s not possible find one place where I am, where I
have the sensation the free sensation I when I am on this and I work on this, I live one place where
on people puts one impression on me.

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