Ultimate Cars, Watches & Hi Fi S02 ep19 : Miguel Angel Rodriguez, Linx Cars, [?????]

Interview with Miguel Angel Rodriguez

M2Linx Design is a new European car manufacturer, that presents worldwide a new concept of a luxurious super car LINX. With the goal to offer a few privileged individuals a unique and exclusive vehicle, with features rivaling the best in the world, M2Linx Design S.L. used the most state of the art engineering on the LINX, both in the design of each of its components as well as in the manufacturing process, resulting in a masterpiece of exquisite style.


Linx: Linx is a Spanish company. We started a project in 2003, we presented our car in Barcelona
last year. It's actually a concept car and we are going to start to sell the car next year, for next of
March, Monaco.

Linx: I like cars, I like motorcycles, I like engines, that's why I started to do this project.

Linx: I'm an engineer so, I designed the car and the styling is the same but Andy … who is a
German designer from Barcelona, I pick up him and I say okay, you have to design this car.

Linx: It's difficult one project like this but it's like my dream so, I decided one day to start to do
this project and now it is almost a reality.


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Linx: I have been working for many years in our motorcycles company that's why this car has a
spirit of motorcycles. There is no windscreen, it's like just for pure driving so, this is my

Linx: You have to wear a helmet but if you are in a motor way, very fast but you are driving not
too fast or in a mountain it's okay.

Linx: I wanted to do something a little bit different so all the cars are almost the same and these I
tried to do all different lines, different styling and I think it's a little bit different, not too much
different because if it is too much different sometimes they going to a different way, the wrong

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Linx: The idea of this car from the beginning was to use a motorcycle’s engine, higher booster
with turbo, but finally I changed the idea and now I'm using a V8 engine with 2.8 litres for with
400 horsepower. This is a racing engine that can arrive to 10,000 RPM, it is from the USA. But not
GM, not Ford it's a small company who produce engines just for racing.

Linx: I think this car has one thing that no car has, is the speedometer, the speedometer is digital
but as well if one customer say that he wants his own design we can design for him.

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Linx: The most important of this car is the design, it's a little bit different. I think it is very light
because it's 650 kilos so with this power and this 400 horsepower so the power-out is very high and
it is a very fast car and as well I wanted to have pure driving, this car does not have any ABS or
body secured system it is just driving. We have six pistons calibre in its wheel. The diameter of
this is 330 millimetres and I think it's enough to stop it. From zero to 100 in three seconds and the
maximum speed is limited to 280. We can put more, but I think it's enough.

Linx: We are going to start a price from 160,000 Euros, I say a start because we offer a lot of
extras because even we can put a turbo charge engine with 600 horsepower. We want to sell just
fifty cars, right now we are designing a new car with 800 horsepower, a little bit bigger, when we
finished to sell this car we start with the other.

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Linx: The people like the car but we want to improve it because we came from competition
motorcycles so we want real competition, is for a road, but we want a real racing car for road use.

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