Ultimate Cars, Watches & Hi Fi S02 ep2 : Horacio Pagani, Pagani Cars, [Italy]

Interview with Horacio Pagani

Pagani Automobili spa is a specialist manufacturer based in Modena, Italy that established itself as a world leader in the use of carbon fiber technology. The Zonda F and the Zonda Roadster F are its maximum expression of a search for technical-aesthetic and functional detail.


Alberto: Pagani is a young company, our work everyday is to follow a passion and a dream in a car that
we are producing, in this case the Zonda.

Alberto: Mr Pagani gave the kick-off for this project almost fifteen years ago bringing his experience
from the Lamborghini with the composite materials and then producing himself a full car.

Alberto:Mr Pagani is a middle-aged man coming from Argentina. He came here almost thirty years ago
and he had the opportunity to get the job as we say at the Lamborghini with the introduction of Mr
Juan-Manuel Fangio the famous F1 driver which won everything with all the best brands the
Maserati, Ferrari and the Mercedes.

Alberto:Fangio was a man full of virtues and feelings of good intentions and introduced Mr Pagani to
this automotive world. So we’re starting from the real bottom of the car business and he grew up
developing composite material department at the Lamborghini. Until then he could have enough
funds and money to create his own project.

Alberto:The Zonda is fully made in carbon fibre but is forty people which work by hand on the all the
body of the car. We have an official agreement with the Mercedes factory and all the engines go
through the engine department, the sporting department of Mercedes and then we install the engine
on our Zonda which is purposely made for our car.

Alberto:The engine is a V12 twelve cylinder with 7.3 litres and then like the one we have here on the
stand is a club sport version with 650 brake horsepower.

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Alberto:Zero to one hundred we do it 3.6 seconds. They say there are other cars also in this exhibition
that could do it better, let’s say quicker than us, but we have the record in braking. The car is
extremely light, it’s close to one thousand kilos and we can brake down from one hundred to zero
in two seconds thanks to the carbon ceramic brakes and the light weight of the car.

Alberto:When Mr Pagani arrived in Italy especially in Modena where all the car manufacturers are
nowadays, he went to Mr Lamborghini saying I’m here to create the most beautiful car ever done
before and he was no-one at the time, just a guy with a lot of dreams and a lot of projects in his

Alberto:He came from a very like humble family, his father is a baker but he has been into the cars
since his young years. He has been working on two cars in Argentina working on the body of the
car and he developed also some pocket bikes with like the spare parts he could collect from the
market at the time. So he had already had like the cars in his head. He was working on the formula
2 cars since he was sixteen years old.

Alberto:He likes to work with his hands so like by shaping the bodies of the car and creating new lines,
new spoilers, new parts for the car, it’s something that really gets him touch with the car. So this is
a way for him to give the work what he feels inside for the car. He loves all the car in general and
this is his best expression how he’s seeing the car in general.

Alberto:The Zondas date back to 1999 when it was first launched in Geneva Car Show. We came out
with the Zonda C12 which at that time had the six litres engine. Then during that time there was
development to Zonda S with 7.3 litres with 555 brake horsepower. And nowadays we launch the
Zonda F, F stands for Fangio. The original name should have been Fangio but Mr Pagani said the
name was too important to give it Fangio, so it was Zonda F to the car and upgraded to 650 brake

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Alberto:I actually like do all the marketing and the sales for Pagani and I follow the cars to everywhere
in the world. The best part of my job is to create the car and to choose the configuration with my
customers, that’s the funniest part because there’s no Zonda like another one, they’re all different.

Alberto:We can do sixteen cars every year and this is the maximum we can do. At the factory Mr
Pagani has like a team of engineers, he is the chief designer and then he gives the instructions to
all his engineers to work on the hi-fi system, on the watch, on the car and then also on the racing
that we are going to launch by the end of the year.

Alberto:The philosophy is to create a tailor-made car for every customer. Let’s say that it’s difficult to
find a customer that owns solely a Pagani car. Most of them they own all the best brands like from
Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bucatti and all other cars. So when, they have been trying everything then
they are actually ready to have a Zonda because they can actually appreciate and create the best
car they have ever had.

Alberto:We give great care to every single car. We don’t have like a production line where you see
many units going by every day. It takes four weeks to assemble one car so it’s very special also the
factory at our Italia as Mr Pagani like to say, we can see like a naked chassis, like a cockpit of the
car and then growing up into a car in four weeks and seeing many people working around the car,
taking care of every single aspect, so you can see the hands of the people.

Alberto:We have a small niche of customers so when every time the car is ready Mr Pagani calls up the
customer and he’s saying in one weeks time I want you in my show room to unveil your car and
this is the best thing for a customer because he can see all the forty people that have been working
on his car doing every single component of the car to unveil his car and he can shake hands with
all the people that have been doing the car.

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Alberto:This is also something more tasteful for the customer. You buy a Pagani and you are next to Mr
Pagani to get your car. You can build the car with him, you can share comments. It would be a
dream nowadays to have the possibility to do that with Ferrari or Lamborghini again but
unfortunately is not possible, so this is also like a kind of magic we can give to our brand.

Alberto:Now we have like a race car project going on which is close to the Ferrari FX6 project so this
car will build just for private racetrack users. Is an hyper car as someone says, is not any more a
super car. So is extremely expensive as is not m___ for the road because it’s just you say free
design researcher, an extreme research with no limits so Mr Pagani could shape all the edges of the
components to their extreme extent and it will be very, very special. Only produced in 10 limited
pieces plus one for Mr Pagani.

Alberto:He likes to share everyone’s opinion, he is very open-minded and he never gives restrictions to
his ideas. The problem is the opposite way, he can never have like a finish line, he always keeps on
working and working and changing the changing the car, changing the lines, so this is something
that all the artists do. You must give them a limit and given them like a timeline, like a deadline,
so that they can put a stop at the end of the project, otherwise they keep on changing and creating
something new every time.

Alberto:If now we can make 16 cars every year, we want to move up to 30 cars in the next 12 months,
so it is quite a demanding project for us because we want to keep the same philosophy on the cars,
make them by hand without the addition of having any machinery or anything to help their work.
So no, the core business will be cars anyway and we also will be coming out with the new
generation cars in the next two years, so we will be very active.

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Alberto:But now we have started with the hi-fi system and also the watch because we want to provide
our customers with items to like according to their lifestyle. Of course also the hi-fi system which
the price is over 100,000 Euros, and the watch is 40,000 Euros also, is something which not
everybody can afford.

Alberto:And now the price for a coupe, the one behind me, is 850,000 Euros and the starter for a
Roadster is 900,000, so the expert from magazines and television, they say that the forecast for this
car will be to follow the McLaren F1 trend, which now this is the most expensive car out of
production, so we will finish the production of the Zonda in within 10 months and we believe that
also for our customers will be a good investment because the price will be kept in time and will be
higher than the list price they bought the car.

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