Ultimate Cars, Watches & Hi Fi S02 ep3 : Francois Sittler, Gumpert Cars, [Germany]

Interview with Francois Sittler

The Gumpert Sportwagenmanufaktur GmbH is a manufacturer of exclusive super sports cars based in Altenburg / Thuringia – close to the City of Leipzig. Coming from a racing spirit, Herr Gumpert was head engineer of the AUDI QUATTRO project. The APOLLO takes this knowledge to another level.


FS: The Apollo is one of the most crazy car realisation.

This car involves all the features and the race developments and the race solutions and the result is
that this car is a very, very performing car on the racetrack but is very easy to use on the streets.

FS: Basically I am a Technical Engineer. After my study, very early, I was changing to the
automobile factory Volkswagen and I met Mr Ol___ Gumpert in the time he was on the research
and development of Audi.

FS: I was in charge of the after sales organisation in France, in Paris and so I met Mr Gumpert
firstly at the time as he made the Paris de Car with the Volkswagen L case and Mr Gumpert was
the chief of the team which is winning Paris de Car with the Volkswagen L case.

FS: Very early we was very friendly together and had another contact no only the business
contacts, the private contact. And this is 35 years ago.

FS: After Mr Gumpert came back from the Paris de Car he became the highest position on the race
division by Audi, he was the Team Chief of Audi Schwarz and he win four times the
championship, the world championship in the rally.

FS: Mr Gumpert all along his life he thought about the perfect race car for the streets, the
conception of this car was always in his head and he always said one day when I am nearly to my
retirement I will build my own car with all the solutions and performance race car and he made the
development of this Apollo five years ago.

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FS: The development was very quickly and Mr Gumpert met some people in France and a very
high engineer competent engineer to develop this car with him and it was absolutely a
performance to develop in this short time such a car.

FS: Since two years ago I was very impressed from this car and motivated to go nearly to Mr
Gumpert and he was very happy and so I am, I was changing to Mr Gumpert and to aid and to
support him.

FS: It is very, very expensive to develop such a car oh we can speak about a lot of million Euros,
Mr Gumpert spend himself a lot of money and to find some investors to give him the possibility to
touch the goal and the end of the development. After them the story not two ends, because you
have to develop the commercial strategy, the marketing and the publicity and the promotion and
such all the features you have in the big company you have in a small company because you need
to show your car.

FS: Today we have produced 32 cars and it’s absolutely a very, very nice car, you see it yourself.

FS: The price of this car is 260,000 Euro without tax, it’s the basic so, but this car is a very
individual piece. Each car is another car. Each customer is another customer. You have a lot of
possibilities for individual features and to get some options and some features more or without and
to choice the colour and the interior and the exterior features for the customer. We never build two
cars the same one.

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FS: I would like to tell you about some reaction of journalist which have tried this car. Always the
same result, the people says it’s absolutely crazy, we never tried, we never drove such a car, we
always drove all the other nice sports cars and super cars, you know I don’t want to name it, you
have a lot of them, but all these people which are basically very specialised to try the cars the
sports car and the super car, when they have drove this one, the Gumpert Apollo they say it’s
absolutely crazy, it’s another one, it’s a new one, it’s no comparison with another one.

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FS: The body of the engine and the heads of the engine we buy it buy Audi so and we make our
own engine within a dry sump rubbification for example, it’s another feature like the normal Audi
motor but the specific features in this car is the down force, not only the power from the engine,
but the chassis is perfect and a good chassis gives more performance on the streets. The down force
from this car is absolutely the highest over all the other compared sports cars for example at
270km/hr this car can be moved on the top on the tunnel because the down force is high over the
ways of this car.

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FS: A funny story about this car I would like to think about the story from a woman. And this
woman is the wife of our client, he buys the Apollo and he was very proud and very happy to like
an owner of Apollo so and in the summer last year he thought I would like to go at home very early
this afternoon and to get some enjoyment with the Apollo so he comes home, he opens the door of
the garage, no Apollo. The wife was visiting the friend girls and she drove the Apollo so, and after
then the wife said this car is so easy, so easy to drive and so funny and so functional and all
features are very easy to get it to do, it’s absolute, and the wife is the most best ambassador for this
car I never met before.

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