Ultimate Cars, Watches & Hi Fi S02 ep9 : Volker Sichler, Hollister, [Germany]

Interview with Volker Sichler

Hollister’s MotorCycles redefi ned the notion of “custom bikes” with its latest creation. “Hollister’s Excite” is a limited edition which started in 2003 with one motorcycle for each state in the Federal Republic of Germany, and one for each European country. Each bike takes 6 months to manufacture; the resulting weight is 280 Kg.


VS: My name is Volker Sichler I am from Hollister MotorCycles, and here we are in the top mark
show in Monaco.

VS: We are placed in the South Germany. We are manufacturing MotorCycle company, we build
special bikes around the world, special editions, special for everybody’s sizes, so it’s a
manufacturing it’s not a production bike, it’s just everything handmade.

VS: When I was 14 years old I saw a group of cool guys riding Harley and I thought it comes a
thunder storm or something and I say to my friend, I say listen, that’s exactly what I want and
exactly what I want to do, but in a special way.

VS: In 1986 we start Hollister MotorCycles in Germany to import Harleys from America but then
very quick we start to make custom bikes and then we start to build our own frames, our own
wheels, everything, and completely nothing to do with Harley Davidson.

VS: To customise a Harley it’s a limited thing because the frame is the frame and if you have a
style in your head what you want to do, you are limited with a Harley so you start to thinking I’ll
build my own frame, I’ll build my own wheel, so I want, that’s the bike what I want to like, and I
want to have.

VS: It’s always difficult so then that’s the reason we started to do everything ourselves because
what we want we don’t want that somebody say oh, it’s a Harley, that’s a little bit the problem.
Since three, four years now we work on our own engine, transmission and everything that we build
a really, really outstanding brand and nobody thinks, oh it looks like a Harley, that’s my biggest
thing to transport outside.

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VS: Hollister it’s a little city in California and if you look in the book and see the MotorCycle
history, you’ll find a little place in Hollister where the guys coming up after the Second World
War and want to be, and had to first swift and pop bikes and looking cool bikes. And that was a
little bit a history point and I think that’s exactly what I want to do, building special bikes, use a
special name and that’s the reason Hollister MotorCycles.

VS: From the top to the end our bikes has a really harmony, everything fits together that the bike
looks very, very expensive and from the beginning to the end has one harmony. A lot of bikes you
see they have really nice things on, but if you look on the whole project, it didn’t fit together.

VS: We have a network around 100km with special companies and in South Germany you know
there in Baden___ comes Porsche, Audi, all these Mercedes, special cars, so we have a great
network of people. If I need a special part it’s not a problem. In licence they do it for me, but
everything else you see on the bike we do it by handmade.

VS: Harley Davidson it is a serial production bike, that’s a handmade bike exactly of your size, on
the length of your arms or feet, it’s everything special. The colour, I mean everything you can look
from the front wheel to the back wheel, everything is special. And it’s a really, really light feeling
to ride this bide.

VS: Our bikes started from 88 cubic inch to 2.4 litre engine. Very quick because we have the
European certification so that means our bikes can be legal licence plate on all the European,
Russia, Switzerland, that’s not a problem. The speed you can go 180km or 200, but that’s not fun
and they’re not built for that. Very problem for us is that you have a lot of powerful, if you want to
go forward and that’s what fine. If you go on a highway so you quit on 90km or 55mph and that’s
fine and easy and refresh your life for a hard day.

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VS: We have really a lot of different customer. The guys they want to be individual, they want to
be special, they don’t want to have a bike where you see on every corner. They want to have and
get the feeling from a manufactured bike and that’s all kind of groups you know, people they really
they count all the money together or somebody there it’s not a problem, they want to be special.

VS: We make around about 20 to 25 bikes a year. Starting from 35,000 Euros, up to no limit on the
top, but so the say, the middle line is round about 60,000 Euros.

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VS: The most expensive we built is one of our 185,000 Euros we have another expensive one at
home with this bike we win the world champion title 2002 but this bike is not for sale.

VS: We have to build five bikes to Saudi Arabia and Middle East and was really funny when we
deliver the bikes we be there you know we very hot over there, but the gasoline is really bad so we
take the bikes out and say what, something is not right, so we get really, really the gasoline is very
bad, we have to mix them up that the bikes are running good and that was hard to believe because
they deliver a lot of oil to us, but they cannot do gasoline, not clean enough and was really no good

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VS: We have one of the kings over there and my partners in Saudi they say this man is very, very
tall and very big and we build a really big bike and about the time where we deliver and show him
and make a presentation, he was smaller than me. They didn’t know him really well and they mean
his brother this figure, so he was angry so, that was really funny story too.

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: Volker Sichler, Hollister, Germany