Ultimate Cars, Watches & Hi Fi S03 ep10 : Domingo Ochoa, GTA Spano Cars, [Spain]

Interview with Domingo Ochoa

After 15 years of top automobile motorsport, five years ago GTA Motor decided to go one step forward and make director Domingo Ochoa´s dream come true; build a super sports car that combines all the automobile technology with perfect, sportsmanship, elegance and exclusivity. Spano was born as the fastest and most powerful automobile ever built in Spain for commercial purposes. In short, it is the car that will mark an era."


GTA: We have our competition team 30 years in the top of the competition with a very good team
of engineers and mechanics is a good moment for the creator of the super car with all their
experience and their know how and we make the GTS banner for all the world with one chassis of
car … Italian and 800 horsepower.

GTA: We have working in different companies like Ferrari, like … cars also and more than 30
years in the competition cars it’s a logic decision they make one super car for …

GTA: This car season we have a different patents in the world by for example the roof is one new
patent with the technology for new conductness or clearly in the roof of when you want and we can
for example the chassis is different, old chassis the weight is 56 kilos only.


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GTA: The construction all the chassis is with carbon and titanium with our special technology. The
car is making … carbon fibre and difference patent lives of the … in the glasses.

GTA: The engine is a V10 modified by GTA with 800 horsepower and 1,000 torque, is very
powerful, 2.8 zero 100 km/hr and more than the 350 kilometres per hour.

GTA: The car is tested in the road, in the track with very good results.


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GTA: We make the … prototypes and we have sell now 10 cars in the world and this is the … that
we sold, we go with the car international room. I sell the first car in China for example, yes, really.

GTA: We only make 99 cars exclusive cars for the customers and we have we know very much
people that … collectionist of the cars and he want very exclusive car for him we can difference
parts of the car make only for all the customer.


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GTA: One customer want he … with me that we have new woollen scarves, hey I want the first car
the chassis number one but when you make 10 or 12 cars for the … version of the cars is correct in
the … sell a car for him.

GTA: We have customers from the racing cars and we have customers only the collectionist. No is

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GTA: We want to make more super cars also this is the first … and after we make the new super
cars but we also always make in the competition and in the next years we go to the competition
also. And this possible the two options. They make the super cars and go to the high competition.


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