Ultimate Cars, Watches & Hi Fi S03 ep12 : Michael Trick, Veritas Sportcar, [?????]

Interview with Michael Trick

It's called the Veritas RS III and it revives the revered Veritas name that was the first German team to take part in formula one more than 50 years ago. Beneath the skin, the RS III owes far more to its track heritage than it does to the road. Carbon-fibre panels are fitted to a tubular frame, which has adjustable sports suspension that can be set with a ride height of just 97 centimetres. Stopping power is provided by Brabham Racing-sourced six-piston, 380-millimetre calipers at the front and four-piston, 355-millimetre calipers at the rear, teamed with heat-resistant ceramic discs."


Veritas: Veritas was the most successful race team in Germany after the second War so we try to
fill out this big footstep from the past.

Veritas: I’m in this comfortable position to choose my job, I was the first investor but I was not
very happy with my CEO in the past so I go in this gap but my team is very professional so the
most come from the race sport, my designer, my engineers and all my guys, my technicals, we race
fanatic and you can see it with the car.

Veritas: The point is we want to try the step from the 50’s from the old RS2 in the future to 2011
when we go with the car in the serious and so this is the bridge, the time bridge from the 50’s to
2011 we collect a lot of parts from the old historical car so that’s why it looks like a car from the
50’s and yeah I get a little bit British so that’s why the British like the car so much.


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Veritas: We inspirate from the race the car get a lot of parts from racing. The old team was one of
the most successful teams in the past but we start now with three cars and maybe we step into
racing in 2012 but for that we need more time.

Veritas: If we talk about race as in the most important thing is the weight, first we try to make a
very, very light car so our car is only 1,060kg and if you look inside you can try to find another car
with this weight accordingly we use a lot of parts from carbon and the suspension is a race
suspension, not comfortable but it’s a race car and also we look for the details yeah you see no
plastic, nothing on this car, this is all milled from the fully and so I like to do it this way.


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Veritas: The engine is in cooperation with BMW this is from the history the old Veritas cars drive
is 328 engine from BMW so it’s we’re really close to this company and we’re using this car on the
roads to the weekend from M5 and the M6 and for the future was the coupe we used the new V8 by
turbo edge.


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Veritas: The cost to do our own engine with all the rules and the regulations it’s too expensive and
on the other hand it’s much easier to work with the big company, when you think about the
warranty when you think about the service all around the world so here we get a really great
partner who guarantee us the service worldwide if you drive for example to Tokyo to a dealer he
will be able to fix the car.

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Veritas: We sold already around 11 cars, we sold 7 roadster and 4 coupes now, we sell it to Spain,
to Abu Dhabi, one to Monaco we sell one to China and Qatar so we are big cars the super sport
cars drive.

Veritas: Sometimes you get enquiries for special leather interiors maybe the most funniest thing is
one looks that the car looks like the alligator, so he want we paint the car that looks like yeah
alligator like a snake.

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