Ultimate Cars, Watches & Hi Fi S03 ep12 : Michiel Mol, SXC Spacecraft , [?????]

Interview with Michiel Mol

"Michiel Mol (SXC) offers a commercial space line and Spaceport on Curacao International Airport, for everyone who wants to travel into space. As a co-pilot, in the front seat, reaching an altitude of 103 km., Those who travel with SXC get the opportunity to witness planet Earth from space. A truly life-changing experience. In the long run, very fast orbital travel to distant parts of our world will also come within reach.


SXC : The space expedition is a company that will start bringing people to space commercially on
a daily basis from 2014.

SXC: We’re currently developing the spaceship it will be ready to show to the world in August this
year and then we’ll start testing it with the first test flight in December of this year and next year
we’ll go to space with it for about 100 times before it’s ready to go public and live so to say, and
we’ll ship it to the island of Curacao that’s a Caribbean island and we’ll fly it from 2014 onwards
with passengers.

SXC: When I was an eight year old boy I was looking at the stars reading about space and
everything and for a long period of time that was not possible at all and then two years ago I got
approached by my now two partners in this company former F16 fighter pilots who got involved in
this project and they were contacted by a company called Xcor, X-C-O-R and they are the people
that are building the spaceship, they all former NASA people, the real rocket scientist and they
build a special rocket which is really, really a game changer as we call it and it’s a rocket that
makes it possible to do four flights a day. It’s the first rocket in the world which can actually start,
stop and start again and it’s the first rocket in the world that will last for 5,000 flights.


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SXC: So it takes off like a normal plane but immediately it goes straight up into the air and it
keeps you accelerating even though it’s going straight up so within one minute you break the
sound barrier and within three minutes you’re going at close to 4,000 kilometres an hour and
you’re basically in space already and then after four minutes the engine shuts off and then you’re
instantly weightless. You keep on climbing up to an altitude of a maximum altitude of a little over
100 kilometres which means you’re officially in space, 100 kilometres is the border of space so to
say and it means you’ll get your astronaut wings in a ceremony, you can use the title astronaut and
then once in space, the spaceship will turn upside down with a big glass canopy you have a
beautiful view of Earth from space.

SXC: But I’ve talked to a lot of astronauts by now and they all claim the same, to see the Earth
from space the two of you up there looking down at seven billion people down there is really a life
changing experience, it’s something so special that it changes your way you look at Earth itself.

SXC: One person, the price of 95,000 US dollars includes a three day stay in a five star hotel on
the island of Curacao, you get your training mission, your medical check of course.


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SXC: The total trip lasts for about an hour. The spaceship runs on almost normal jet fuel like in
airplanes, so we can really take off, lands an hour later like a glider plane, refuel and go again so
we can do four trips a day easily.

SXC: My background is in internet, in computer games, I’ve a passion for innovation and
pioneering, I love high tech, I’m also involved in the … Formula 1 team as one of the co-owners,
also high tech innovation, for me it’s a logical next step, but I can imagine for others it might be a
bit strange.


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SXC: We’ve got KLM as a partner, Royal Dutch Airlines and they also see it as this is the first step
almost 100 years ago they started doing round trips above Amsterdam. Out of that the whole
airline industry evolved and so they claim and they say that last century was the century of
commercialisation of air and this century will be the century of commercial space lines, the next
version of the spaceship will take us from A to B within two hours, anywhere in the world.

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SXC: Xcor also has the military and Boeing and NASA as customers this technology specially the
rocket engines we use they are one of a kind, there’s nothing similar in the world that’s taken
NASA rocket scientists over 15 years in 12 generations of rocket engine to create something that is
so reusable and so efficient as this machine.


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