Ultimate Cars, Watches & Hi Fi S03 ep13 : Christian Van der Klaauw, Klaauw Watches, [?????]

Interview with Christian Van der Klaauw

When making his wristwatches, Christiaan van der Klaauw drew his inspiration from astronomy, just like he did with his clocks. His first wristwatch was the 'Satellite du Monde'. His recent "Planetarium" was inspired by astronomers like Christiaan Huygens and Eise Eisinga."


VanderKlaaw: Christian VanderKlaaw is a famous watchmaker, he started the manufacture in
1974 and he started actually with making big clocks but there was a time it was out of fashion and
then he turned over to making watches.

VanderKlaaw: We are specialised in astronomical watches there are a few brands they have in the
top models astronomical complications but we have in all our models astronomical complications.

VanderKlaaw: Not English.

VanderKlaaw: He is how to deduct he is started by his own, he did everything by hand, that’s why
Christian is for many years also a very famous member of the RRCE.

VanderKlaaw: Not English.

VanderKlaaw: Holland is fairly famous about astronomical, do you know Mr Christian Hoovens he
was a very famous astronomical 1665 he was the first clockmaker with the pendulum.


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VanderKlaaw: Not English.

VanderKlaaw: Astronomical, this is the time it’s the basic of time, our hours are basic on the sun,
everything what’s go around in the universe it’s like a clock and so it’s easy to put it in a watch.

VanderKlaaw: We make the smallest planetarium in the world that shows all the planets they
going around the sun included Earth for example the planet Saturnus it’s a planet it goes in 20 and
a half years around the sun and we show it on our watch.


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VanderKlaaw: From the 500 richest people in the Netherlands, more than half owns a watch of
Christian VanderKlaaw, because it’s a very special watch and it’s very, very exclusive, we make a
few watches a year in about 200 and we have 11 models so all the models are actually very, very

VanderKlaaw: I’m not a watchmaker I’m a designer where you have a very technical background
it’s difficult to design out of the box everyday you’re thinking oh no actually that’s difficult that
won’t fit, forget it, just design, make it nice and then we together we discuss what’s possible,
what’s not and then you get the best ideas.


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VanderKlaaw: We know each other for 10 years, I met Christian because I had a question about to
design my own watch so that’s the starting of our work together and then I started with my own
small brand and Christian make the watches for that brand and he always said you’re going to
work for me later we going to work together but I always say ah, you’re just joking you know, I
don’t take it very serious.

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VanderKlaaw: We have an … and that’s a very difficult complication on a watch but we work
together with a Dutch famous astronomic man, there was an other brand they had also an
astronomical complication and … was we were first, they wasn’t we were much further than them
but they are big, big brand so they are strong and they say to us, you must stop with that making
astronomical watches. We gave them a letter and say that’s a man and … in the year of 1200 so
it’s difficult to claim that but our astronomical man he looks to that watch from that famous brand
and he saw a big mistake on it and he gave that to the brand and the brand they change
immediately the dial and we never heard of the brand again.


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