Ultimate Cars, Watches & Hi Fi S03 ep13 : Konstantin Andreev, Marussia Cars, [?????]

Interview with Konstantin Andreev

Designed and manufactured by ex FIA GT & Le Mans driver and current Top Gear Russia host Nikolai Fomenko, Marussia Supercars has now evolved into the Marussia B1 made by a company comprising of over a 100 employees.


Marrussia: Marrussia produces sporting cars in Russia, it’s the first Russian private company
producing luxury cars, producing cars in premium segments.

Marrussia: It’s the first real Russian super car company and we not just talking about producing
cars we actually made them and you can see this in the show.

Marrussia: Our President is one of the most famous Russian racers, Nikolai Fami… and the idea of
producing this car is his idea. He’s very famous in Russia and he’s very famous in the Western


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Marrussia: His idea was to produce first Russian super car because … for example in … and why
we can make very nice very bright and very beautiful super car it’s possible and his brief was to …
possible to make very high quality super car to enable us complete with other companies and just
to show that it’s possible to make this in Russia and actually producing these cars on a factory in
the centre of Moscow.

Marrussia: These cars are different from all other cars because our main partners of virgin racing.
These cars have the same engine like Formula 1 cars has our engine comes from … it’s a Formula
1 car for the street and it will make you feel the speed, make you feel the adrenalin.

Marrussia: We haven’t sold yet many cars because now we are in the process of getting
certification in Europe and actually we are going to start sales at the beginning of this summer now
we are ready to accept prepayment. So we are ready to sign agreements and we will supply our
cars in six months in Russia and in nine months in Europe.


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Marrussia: In Russia we have a factory in Moscow, it’s our first factory and the next factory will be
set up in Europe, we’re going to set up the first factory in Belgium near … racing track and the
next factories will follow.

Marrussia: This car is made under request, we can use any kind of material we just show people
several types of leather and several colours but it’s actually they can choose any kind of leather,
any kind of, any colour for the body for the interior, not just leather but also some modern
materials so any kind of request can be fulfilled.


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Marrussia: The price … starts from 100,000 Euros for … starts from 117,000 Euros.

Marrussia: It’s reasonable because we are a very young company and we need to get in new
customers would like them to like our brand and we would like them to feel the flavour of our
brand to share our values and we are going to sell our cars for the first time at this very reasonable

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Marrussia: The design is fully made in Russia we have approximately 40 designers who develop
this car from zero and the base of this car has also been developed in Russia.

Marrussia: Actually this car is like a mobile telephone you can very simply replace the body of the
car because these two cars have absolutely the same bases but the body is different so you can sit
in B1 and B2 they have now the same material but the body looks very different, they are not …
they have different character and one is more classical the B1 and the B2 is more modern and
more aggressive, it has more aggressive character.


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