Ultimate Cars, Watches & Hi Fi S03 ep14 : Eric Giroud, Giroud Watch Designs, [?????]

Interview with Eric Giroud

Eric Giroud created his own design studio in 1998 and mainly focuses on the design and development of some of the most original timepieces for Harry Winston, MB&F and others. He considers his job an interface between man and industry. His method of work is mainly based on human exchanges and research, both stylistic and technical."


Giroud: Study architecture, music and from 15 years now I have a design studio specialising watch
industry and watch design.

Giroud: I have an architecture studio 20 years ago and it’s not my real feeling you build a house by
example and you are very lonely and ’91 is the crisis in Europe and all over the world and for me
it’s a big question I say what’s up, and it’s like a very old dream to be a designer.

Giroud: One day I working in a design studio for a project design consumer pen furniture and I
meet people for a watch and it’s very interesting because it’s in Switzerland and all the different
people working watchmaker and, all the people are very nice, very friendly.

Giroud: A teenager has to be the music violin, first instrument and piano and after that I learned
for to be conductor and to create the music and my dream at the end are when I eighteen years it’s
to create the soundtrack for the movies.

Giroud: If you studied music it’s many rules, rhythm, deep sensation, the mystery of the music is
you don’t see it, it’s there in the air and a magical thing is the feeling arriving from the air but if
you don’t have the soul the things, the magical things, in the air, the producer don’t write, I’m
fascinated by the … Bach it’s very mathematical the rules and after the rules you are free it’s like
a music and for me it’s same work.


Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio

Giroud: The process is very simple, I meet the people many time at the start for to understanding
because it’s not easy the word are very strange sometimes and it’s because I don’t understand I
working in a sketch, sketchbook very simple, search pictures, search products it’s like the electric
reflections you are very near and very far, very near, very far and call the people hey guys, I have
some idea I don’t know I don’t know, we meet, we discuss, some lunch, maybe that, maybe that
and the people look at you and say okay and this time the projector not me, the project coming
from me and go to the brand we exchange.

Giroud: I don’t have a problem with the taste because the reflection is very cold, you meet the
people and the exchange are very interesting because is not for me it’s for a brand for its
presentation the people are oh God no Eric no, not this way okay, this way oh this way yeah, the
best way are when the customer the brand choose and say Eric we want to do there and after that I
make the design on the computer and say that’s the choice together oh God they, no, no, no Eric
you go back and during this start of process it’s just a sketch it’s nothing, not material, intellect,
intellect DNA brand blah, blah, blah, people some lunch, very nice moment adventure start.

Giroud: In some brand you have the art director some brand I working with CEO, some brand I
working with the assistant of the, it’s not a problem.


Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio

Giroud: I working in cut, cut and it’s very important first to understanding the mood when the
mood is ready you say the way and say okay after that you keep the technical part the movement
and say wow it’s big, it’s flat, it’s round it’s very complicated watch.

Giroud: It’s like the cook you have the fridge you have everything but audience say wow it’s very
good first time to understanding and after that when you have the way to be friends with the … and
are working with the watchmaker and after that I working in … printing, sketches, 2D sketches to
find because sometimes you have a very good idea, you are on the table the brand say wow let’s
go, very good, we go, receive the technical part and the idea are over we have very good the … is
there but I don’t have the juice and sometimes it’s very, very hard but it’s not important to say that
to the brand and I love it, it’s like the music, it’s very important, you have the rules you have the
time and turn.

Giroud: Today I have some products in the fair … Swarovski, but I don’t go to the booths because
the brand working for the product, it’s very important when the guys, the brands Eric, product is
good. It’s not my product, it’s a product to the brand and at the end a product of the …


Jewellery Theatre Elements

Giroud: It’s the real wonder finish of the art no, very free, free mind and B&F are one brand like
that because Max don’t have a reflection about the other brand and are very free mind. I think it’s
the most today platform of creation and each product are totally different with another things and
it’s very current.

Giroud: When I meet people in each different brand it’s a different story when I meet Max we
meet outside the office we take a lunch and we discuss and Max say to me Eric I have an idea tak,
tak, tak and I say wow what’s up it’s very interesting or I say oh it’s very bad because it’s just an
idea you can speak about that and the ideas there it’s very democratic and I think it’s my job to say
to Max or any people, no it’s worrying or it’s great or and at the end Max and other people say Eric
at the start you say it’s worrying, look at this and say wow it’s brilliant. Very honest because it’s
just a product and but sometimes very difficult to understand, some people don’t have a big
background or we have a different background people speak about the car and say what, I don’t
understand yeah, we look at the car and say at the end the guy don’t speak about the car but speak
about the lifestyle of the car, it’s not the car that you like, you like to drive ah, no, no, no you like
to be with the very nice woman in a car and this is very important to say and understanding.

Giroud: The last 10 years the numeric Arabic in all … and in this industry we use now the numeric
for a movement a case and all the people and we are arriving very quickly now for test for we have
a prototype very quickly and the business are very big because the business are putting the new
market today it’s the start of the real industry, oh you see some brands one million piece per year
say wow and when you see a small brand very creative you see wow it’s possible and I think it’s
like maybe the car industry in after the second war it’s many place for many different things and
it’s very exciting and we are at the start of the real industry.

Jewellery Theatre Fairytales

Giroud: Each time when a watchmaker or a crazy guy say to me at the start okay Eric we want to
make that, and all the time I’m like a teenager and I say really, you are really, that’s true, it’s not a
joke, all the time.

Giroud: The soul, the feelings, emotion, if you give that, you work all works at the end raises that

Giroud: I need the electricity I need the hey Eric hey guy go, this energy are very exceptional
that’s very good between the people.


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