Ultimate Cars, Watches & Hi Fi S03 ep15 : Aljosa Tusek, Tusek Cars, [?????]

Interview with Aljosa Tusek

Tushek supercars team have spent many years carefully distilling hard earned road and race knowledge into perfect package called Renovatio T 500 - unique handbuilt supercar.


Tushek: The Tushek … is our first factory car, hand built and made in Slovenia. It is completely
unique car with a V8 4.2 litre Audi RS4 engine so we mount is completely back of the seats.

Tushek: We want to close all the weight very near to the floor so that the car have really racing
performance is also on the race track as on the street.

Tushek: The project car started in 2004, we start together with K1 Engineering from Slovakia, that
was our start. We were very close friends with Dick … who was the founder of that. First we want
to only to build the K1 attack with V6 engine but then later we decide to put another engine in and
to make completely different car. We don’t want to build only a car, we want to build a super car.

Tushek: From a little kid I was very, very busy with all what has an engine, without engine with
bikes first then with motorbikes. When I was driving races for … Slovenia I was driving … that
was really a professional team, they teach me a lot because we must do set up and everything alone
and then from that experience when I am with racing we start with the building the cars.


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Tushek: I was driving a lot of fast cars before, in my history and you cannot compare a normal car
as Porsche is and such cars, you cannot compare this car with a car which is completely hand made
and which has a soul. The first attack has something of that. It was not technically perfect, it was
not so fast but it was something different and I have feeled it from the start.

Tushek: I was very impressed when I first drive this car, then I see the potential in it because it’s
light, the chassis is very good, is very hard because it’s a racing chassis and is completely different
car so you can drive this car nearly so as GT class racing car.

Tushek: The company Tushek has start last year, we spent seven years developing this motor and
last year when we finished it we decided to ground the company and now today we have our first
presentation here at Monaco.

Tushek: I should point out the differences between attack and the … it has the frame made from
completely different tubes as the K1 attack has, it has completely different engine, completely
different technical package, it has … carbon brakes, the suspension is completely different, is
25cm longer, 5cm brighter, is 2cm lower so when you approach this and when you approach K1
attack you see little brother in completely different car.


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Tushek: Performer wise the car is very comparable because it has only 1,000 to 100 kilo it’s one of
the lightest V8 cars on the market which you can drive on the road and on the race track with s…
tyres we are reaching in race tracks 1.8G that allows you to drive the car around the corners with
amazing speed. As this is a car from which I have always dreamed of.

Tushek: It’s really driver’s car, the car has not so much electronic and this you can have a real
driving experience when you drive this.


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Tushek: We have the European … for the car from other countries we are now talking with USA,
how should we do this, we have some solutions but it’s not finished yet.

Tushek: The car cost in basic version 300,000 Euro plus VAT, you can have it in colours with …
but you can have it also individuality for the wish of customers.

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Tushek: We have a lot of known company in Slovenia so MS production is … is they’re making
the carbon fibre brakes we have … already it’s one of the best companies for the exhaust systems,
it’s not so expense as the Germany but it’s not the cheapest because in Slovenia our engineering is
known as good. So that’s the reason why we do it in Slovenia.

Tushek: One of our best things is happened in Italy in … because we really were afraid of Italy
because of Ferrari and Lamborghini and everything what they have they really accept good our car
and they said what is this is that the batmobile is that something like that and they found it good
and they found it funny and they were happy about that we in Slovenia can do something like this.

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