Ultimate Cars, Watches & Hi Fi S03 ep15 : Jean Francois Mojon, Chronode Watch Design, [?????]

Interview with Jean Francois Mojon

Legacy Machine N°1's transcendental in-house movement bears testimony to the enormous talent of its creators. Jean-François Mojon and his team at Chronode (Best Watchmaker Prize at the 2010 Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève). Guvinda Srivastava Anadi embodies passion and sensuality - a true luxury sports car. A Thoroughbred from Italy. As a manufacturer Soleil believes that a car should not only be a mode of transportation but a representation of a person’s cultural identity. The Anadi represents years of technology, experience and limitless potential."


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Chronode: Chronode began as development company and yet we are 23 people we are
development department we are logistic and also watchmakers.

Chronode: We work for several brands, not only design we don’t produce everything in house we
are able to deliver a complete watch.

Chronode: We work also with Celsius for example but it’s also a watch, a watch in a telephone.

Chronode: As a child I was always in the technique and my father comes from the watch industry
and it always show me the little parts he made and I was very excited … when I have to choose a
study I was bad in languages and I chose technique. And I studied an engineer afterwards I work by
IWC in the quality and the development.

Chronode: After 10 years by IWC I wanted to make my own company, it was a risk and what’s
happened I work one year only alone, at home and after that comes other clients, other brands and
I grow the stuff grows but at the beginning it was big questions.

Chronode: I am not a sell man, I wanted to stay in the technique and I have big chance to work
with several companies to make beautiful products to make a big challenges I think it’s not
possible only in one brand of my own brand.


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Chronode: For me or for Chronode what’s important is to know how many pieces we make, what is
the company and then we focus all our work on this special things for the … we are able to work in
the very bright spectrum and that makes also our work so interesting.

Chronode: We work in very different way someone comes with a definite project with design we
have to make exactly what he wants but another client comes and says oh I’ve not so an idea about
watches about function what can you propose.

Chronode: We cannot go in very high technology, we have a small company and we cannot make
a long research, that’s maybe the limit for us. We use traditional components material variability is
very important for us also and we don’t take risk on this … but design from function we are very
open, I think is that no limits in this way.

Chronode: I .. is in the watchmaker parts is not so far away from what we make traditionally and
that’s … a combination with liquid that’s make the product fantastic.

Chronode: Oban Yurgenson is also a challenge, is traditional but we make no compromise all was
sold was … to make the best traditional watch with a new escapement although escapement in the
wrist watch it was before not possible detailed escapements that was a big a big challenge.


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Chronode: The … escapement was before always in the pocket watch and the first time that we
can put it in the wrist watch.

Chronode: The brands want products very quickly, they have to produce it in one year, two years

Chronode: I came the right time to make crazy thing, to open the mind but I think for the future is
mix between movement and case for example it’s today I think not too much limited between
movement and case.


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Chronode: With Max B… we make together a really nice watch, a legacy with the balance over up
the movement it is the great, great idea.

Chronode: I think not as watchmaker, I have watchmaker in the company and most designer and
today more maybe also …

Chronode: With the Opus we study at the beginning with the designer for the case and the
movement to make a mixed approach and I think it’s the way for the future also. Almost a new
way to display the time but maybe 80% of the components are stand out or stand out especially
done for this watch but not revolutionary.

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Chronode: The machine today make for us more possibility to make pieces more complex and
that’s open the way and the direction.

Chronode: When a customer says okay I like this watch it’s like me or it corresponds to me, it’s


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