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Interview with Rimac Cars

“Croatia has no auto industry,” says Mate Rimac, a 23-year-old entrepreneur and automotive designer. “But that is about to change.”

“It is an electric supercar,” Mr. Rimac said. “It makes 1,088 horsepower, 3,800 newton-meters of torque (2,803 pound-feet) and is capable of going more than 300 kilometers per hour.” For now, he says that the top speed is being electronically limited.


Rimac: The Rimac Concept 1 is the first electric super car. It’s 1,088 horsepower car, the special
thing about it is that it’s really built from the ground up to be electric car so all the components are
built around the technology.

Rimac: It started in my garage. I had an old race car, an old BMW, it started its life as a gas
powered car and one race the gas engine blew up so I started to make an electric car out of it, this
was about five years ago.

Rimac: I had this idea to make an electric car since I can remember. I had some patents, I always
worked with electronics equipment, I invented stuff all the time, so this was just a logical step to
combine my two hobbies car racing and the electronics so I made an electric car.

Rimac: It takes a lot of effort time and funds to develop such a car, we are working now three
years on this car, it will be 1 ½ year more to develop it until the end. We will produce only 88 and
since the technology is really new we had to invest a lot to make it work to make it reliable.

Rimac: The electric motor is much better for powering a car and an engine because in the same
gear you can drive the car 15cm forward and back into position it into the stand but in the same
gear you can drive 350km/hr, you hit the gas pedal or the tr… in this case and you can accelerate
from zero to 300 without any interruptions and since we have independent control of each wheel
we can do it very fast so within a few milliseconds we can control it from acceleration to
deceleration and that’s something you can’t do in a normal car.


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Rimac: We have four motors, each one powering its own wheel so we have independent control of
each wheel which is something completely new, we call it all wheel drive torque factoring in
corners we can control each wheel separately and this gives us new opportunities for controlling
the car.

Rimac: The motors are not in the wheels, they are in the middle of the wheels and we have bolted
on to each motor a reduction gearbox then an … shaft to the wheel but the motors are not the
heaviest part in the car, the heaviest part of course is the battery pack.

Rimac: It’s fully carbon fibre body and m… subframes carbon fibre. It has double wishbones for
the independent motors, the battery is integrated into the mono… so we have 22kw/hr of lithium
iron phosphate battery which is inside of the mono… it’s fully developed from scratch and most of
the parts are also built by us

Rimac: This our automotive … sales 20 amp hours, 3.2 walls and we have 1,400 of them in the car,
almost half the weight is the batteries.

Rimac: The lithium iron phosphate is unlike for example lithium iron or … polymer, it’s very safe
so if in the worst case a crash happens and the mono… gets destroyed and the batteries get
destroyed, the worst thing which can happen is to get a little smoke out of them, nothing else.


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Rimac: We have several prototypes and test mills which have the technology integrated for years
we are racing for years with the car also on public races if you go to our website you will see many
readers of it, this actual car is not tested too much yet because we have only one prototype of this
particular car so we are taking care of it.

Rimac: We are based in Croatia in a country where no car manufacturers are, no high technology
so it was really difficult to make something like this and especially my age is not really

Rimac: I grew up in Germany, I am speaking German like Croatian the technology is completely
our own development so motor controls the battery systems the motors the reduction gearboxes
everything is designed in house. What comes from Germany are the safety systems they have more
or less a monopoly on it like ABS, ESP airbags there are just a few companies in the world which
can do that like Bosch Continental and TRW so you have to go to Germany if you are building a
car for things like this but most of the other things are designed and produced by us because of the
simple fact that we are really a small company which can’t afford to pay big companies to do work
for them so we had to do all by ourselves.


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Rimac: We want to offer our technology also to other car companies there are also smaller
companies which are building for example super cars who want to integrate our power train …
systems but also some bigger car manufacturers which want to build some prototypes or smaller
scale products with this technology.

Rimac: We started you know from a garage and expenses at this point weren’t so high, of course as
the project grew the expenses grew a lot, we had at this point already some interested customers
and investors and we have negotiated with them for two years it took us very long we had already
contracts and everything and so invested our own money into the project. We are coming
originally in my family has a big real estate business we are building shopping centres and we had
the funding to come to this point but now we are negotiating with several potential partners which
could help us to bring the project to the end. Now comes the very expensive part to crash test the
cars to make the … insanely expensive so we need a partner to bring the project to the end.

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Rimac: We can do 600 kilometres on a charge. We are fully electric so we don’t have a gas engine
inside unlike the Fisker which has a gas engine as a back up but on the other hand there are some
others like Teslar which are doing fully electric cars but they are more focused on the mainstream
we are doing a real super car which I hope will bring the super car into the 21st Century because if
you look at it, most of the super cars here are just a variation so this is something completely new.


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