Ultimate Cars, Watches & Hi Fi S03 ep17 : Aaron Becsei, Becsei Watches, [?????]

Interview with Aaron Becsei

Aaron Becsei was born in Budapest and is the 3rd generation of a watchmaker dynasty. In order to develop himself as a watchmaker and to get the necessary practical experiences he started to work on watch repairs with his father."


Bexei: Our families are traditional watchmaker families, we are located in Hungary, Budapest my
grandfather started the profession after my father followed it when he was a child he always liked
to play with watches in my grandfather’s workshop, that was the same situation with me, I have no
choice to make any other thing.

Bexei: After the secondary school I went to the watchmaker school in Budapest in Hungary I could
learn the basics to disassemble and assemble watches and cleaning but the rest I learned from my
father mostly and after that I went to the engineering school so I’m a mechanical engineer.


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Bexei: I also started to repair watches and I made a lot of restorations when I realised I can make
all the parts of a watch I had the idea to make my own creations.

Bexei: I always want to follow the traditional watchmaking past, usually you can find engravings
on my watches and clocks and of course I pay attention all the details at the finishing all the parts
is hand finished under microscope.


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Bexei: When I design a watch I try to keep my originality so you can see the layout and form when
you see my watch you know it’s specially designed by me.

Bexei: When you make an old clock or watch it has a history and you always have to find out how
the watchmaker wanted to solve a problem then you have a missing part you have to …


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Bexei: My first wrist watch has a triple axis tourbillon system, it is my development, it is patented
now. This is a special system I don’t use ball bearings in it like other solutions, I use only
traditional dual bearings … special layout of the tourbillon cages.

Bexei: But you can see it’s a complicated table clock, I made it before my wrist watches, it has
many complications, chronometer tourbillon and self developed perpetual calendar system with …
reserve thermometer … time moon face.

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Bexei: Our price range is from 20,000 Euros to several hundred thousand Euros if you have a
special request I can calculate the price, for this one here it’s 300,000 Euros.


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