Ultimate Cars, Watches & Hi Fi S03 ep17 : Robert Maier, Roding Cars, [?????]

Interview with Robert Maier

The Roding is a two seat mid-engine sports car with a carbon fiber chassis and a powerful BMW 6 cylinder turbo charged engine. Maximum performance and driving dynamics are achieved through consequent lightweight construction, and a state of the art six cylinder turbo charged engine.


Roding: Roding is a village where a lot of companies which are experts in the treatment of metal
and producing parts and high technology so it’s the perfect place to create that car.

Roding: We were thinking about all the cars which are in market so the discussion was 2006 it was
about butanol it was about electric cars it was about all the electronic devices and we’ve seen the
cars becoming more and more complicated and we said okay we know about the new technologies
about the carbon fibre about the CD systems about all the nice things to develop a car but we don’t
see the good product here, that was a kind of challenge.

Roding: To be excellent in equal partners you have to know what your own possibilities are and in
fact we are the company which develops the car which produces the car so with our partners we do
more than 85% of the car on our own.



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Roding: It’s rolling out … it’s in combination with S… precision technique, this is the company
which is located in Roding and they can do all the metal treatment, the milling, the tooling, they
do that lovely aluminium parts the suspension system and things like that and the third partner is S
Car .Carbon it’s 100% author of S.. and they make the carbon fibre part.

Roding: We have found a team of four and together with the owners of S… & Co Mr Coltz and Mr
S.. we own the company. I am responsible for all the carbon fibre development.


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Roding: Small companies they can drive technology and they can drive innovation, for example
Tessler they were the first with who started with that electric power train and our topic was the
carbon fibre the lightweight design we wanted to do an impact there, we do a lot of development
and research also for volume serious production of carbon fibre. So we are specialised in the
development and production of carbon fibre parts and this technology we show in that car, the
sports car is very good for showing technology.

Roding: The car you see here is preconfigurated by Roding Automobile it’s a limited edition for
introduction series of 23 cars and this car is 130,000 Euros plus tax, this is also what we wanted to
show that when you use the technology the right way and the materials the right way then you can
make a very good car for affordable price.

Roding: It’s a BMW 6 cylinder 3 litre turbo charged engine with a mechanical gear box with 6
gears and this is a very good basis for pure driving machine.


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Roding: German engineering stands on its own and it’s well known worldwide and this is also what
it’s about in that car, you find the real German engineered car but what is really special about that
car is just thinking on the data you won’t get a sports car with less weight and that horsepower so
the 320 horsepower with 950 kilograms, that’s unique. It’s made for the race track but you can go
to the race track so you have the combination of a pure driving machine but you have also the
possibility to use it daily in your daily life.

Roding: A lot of horsepower, it’s good on the straight when you just think about acceleration but as
soon as the curve comes the low of the weight gets interesting and to do with that combination it’s
very interesting.

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Roding: We started during our studies with working in cars and motor sports, there was no other
chance, I think we were all about like 23, 24 years old when we became the petrol heads.

Roding: We’ve been on the track with our first prototypes in 2008, we presented a first concept car
in 2009 in Frankfurt at the international motor show and so we always were motivated to get the
car out and get the car out on the track.


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