Ultimate Cars, Watches & Hi Fi S03 ep17 : Christof Wurgler, Helvetica Cars, [?????]

Interview with Christof Wurgler

HMC is about the art of being unique. A team of experts, from Formula 1 and other specialised sectors, design and build tailor-made cars. The „Hidalgo“, our latest project, is an extravagant combination of style and class combined with the trusted and reliable Mercedes top-class technology."


Helvetica: We are a small company which develops unique cars really on order, the art of being
unique is a little bit our spirit, our ground message.

Helvetica: We are coach builders like a little bit in the 20’s and 30’s and we are doing this on a
modern chassis. We started about four years ago and we have done several unique projects.

Helvetica: There are always people around they are really looking to have something really unique
I mean not something that what is produced in 100 or 200 .. per year, really something is unique
they want to be represent their own personality, in their car.

Helvetica: It’s a very small group. Many peoples are coming from the former Formula 1 team from
BM Sauber and they are really specialists in their carbon fibre works and they know really to put it
together in a very, very fine and precious way.

Helvetica: It was a customer of me who was asking me to leave for him for his project for his
dream the Formula 1 Sauber team where I was in the position of responsible of the suspension
department and then we have founded company near Zurich we are based in A…that’s about 30
minutes outside of Zurich and we have started with this project.

Helvetica: For him it was not really the car company it was to build his dream and for this dream
we needed this company and with me came from Sauber two other peoples and the other one were
people from around from other specialised sectors of the car industry.


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Helvetica: We have choose it to build this car on an existing production car like this you have
really the quality and reliability of the mass production car, all the security, the comfort and
everything is working well. You have much easier to get … on the roads and with this unique
shape there is no one who can recognise the Mercedes on the minis.

Helvetica: On this project is the philosophy is a little bit different we are not looking for more
powerful faster and bigger, we are selling something a little bit different, a little bit other side, go
slower, enjoy the life, that’s a little bit the message on this car. I mean a real luxury is time.


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Helvetica: You can’t find this in a production car I mean like an Aston Martin or Bentley because
they are produced in masses. They are producing 5, 6, 7,000 cars a year and everyone can buy one
but to get a car from us you have to come to us, you have to talk to us, you have to order it, you
have to wait, is like your baby, is an artwork.

Helvetica: On this project we need the Mercedes because all the body parts are built for this
Mercedes exactly to fit it in this way but if you’re coming with another project or if you say I like
this shape but I need for example a Maserati underneath, we can do the same project on another
chassis, that’s not a problem but it demands a lot more of time.


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Helvetica: This car costs about 300,000 Euros, we are able to build around five to six cars a year
and I guess that’s maybe in a total of 10 cars, not more.

Helvetica: I am looking for these peoples, peoples really with a wish and with a dream, maybe you
have a dream starts when you are boy, and you dream of your own car and now you have the
possibility to really to do it and to drive it on the road … road legal high quality standard and
everything and so you are coming to us and you say maybe that’s my car, can you do it for me and
that’s our, our challenge.


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Helvetica: In Formula 1 you are always in hurry you know you are always one step behind you are
one person in a big team and here you are really I mean the creative, creative the engineer,
engineering side and to have so many possibilities what you can do and you are working with your
customer really as a friend that’s very, very interesting.

Helvetica: The strangest things was a car without engine, that was really our funniest project, it
was a called a velomobile and you are just give your power use your legs and this was just a one as
a one seater you know it was completely in carbon fibre with a carbon frame and everything so it
was very light and very good aerodynamic.


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