Ultimate Cars, Watches & Hi Fi S03 ep19 : Georg Bartkowiak, Grieb & Benzinger Watches, [?????]

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"Georg Bartkowiak - Grieb & Benzinger You can feel the time spent to create a handcrafted masterpiece. It is a sensual experience of history and time. You can hear the stories that our timepieces tell. They are written especially for you. You can see the harmony of composition that underlies a particular timepiece. It is a feast for the eye. GRIEB & BENZINGER PLATINUM. Handcrafted masterpieces reinterpreted to perfection.


: Grieb Bensinger is one of these watchmaking brands that represent tradition, roots,

: When I was a young boy my parents thought I’m going to go with the family business which was
building houses, building streets, but when I found out at the age of 16, 18, that is not my life I got
more and more the interest in watches and jewellery as I was born in … which represents German
watchmaking and German jewellery industry and that was the thing that really touched my heart
and I told my daddy, daddy I don’t like caterpillars anymore, he was a little bit disappointed but
finally he said well George, if that’s what you love to do for your life, do it and you get my

: 24 years old, I was at the University of Heidelberg for my economic studies, one lucky day I
bumped into an old gentleman and he was the former director of IWC Schaffhausen and he also
said yes you have a talent and I like you so let’s work together and I teach you, this was in ’95, he
taught me these little secrets that you will never learn at a watchmaking school, a jewellery school
because he taught me pure watchmaking life.


Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio

: The really watchmaking in life what we represent right now cannot be learned at watch school or
there is no school teaching guilloche engraving, restoration, we are so old fashioned even our tools
are sometimes up to 130 years old such as the guilloche machines and we have worldwide the
biggest selection of functional guilloche machines for which we work also for IWC for Faberge,
we work for Chronos with.

: My partner Johann Bensinger took over an old workshop of about 10 guilloche machines and
within the last 25 years he bought even more machines and restored them and that now is one of
our capitals in the company that we have.



Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio

: The guilloche machine frankly spoken it is a tool that got its power by hand motion, this is like a
knife cutting in wood, you have adzes at C&C machine has more or less the spinning tool running
around which has never this perfect “V” shape, if you see a hand guilloche dial or a stamped dial,
the hand guilloche dial you see the light is breaking differently, it’s more bright and that is a little
secret that makes your eye catching this dial.

: My other partner Herman Grieb he is now for 33 years watchmaker and he specialised himself
very early in the arts of restoration, with that background having one specialist on the
watchmaking side and another specialist on the creation of patterns and decoration we made the
mixture of that and brought together all these craftsmanship and with that we have a workshop that
represents crafts which are not available any more and that is why we are able to do jobs that even
the big brands can’t do.


Jewellery Theatre Elements

: We started already with the first prototypes 2003, 2004 now we build … split seconds,
tourbillion, all skeletonised and decorated in our typical style. Additionally, we created and
developed the blue platinum coating which is only available in our watches and this is to honour
one of Breguet’s students, Charles Uden, he made about 1820, 1810 blue base plates for watches
and we have one of these 1820 movement in stock which is our let’s say guide.

: My partner, Herman Grieb he has a lot of friends that collected old watches that offer him
movements, Patek movement, Breguet take them as ebouche we are able to rework these
movements exactly with the same tools, the same material that has been used 100, 120 years ago
when this movement was built originally and at the end you have a modern watch.

Jewellery Theatre Fairytales

: In my early days when I created one of a kind watches for celebrities, I had a commission to do
for the Sultan of Brunei, I got this commission from a gentleman in London and I created a watch
for him, made an amazing packaging around shaped like a treasure box made of yellow leather
with alligator straps around, a beautiful watch inside made of pink gold with red enamel dial in the
Faberge style so I took the watch, flew to London, had my big packaging with me, gave it to the
gentleman who smiles at me, well done George, let’s meet again in two weeks and I will give you
the result what the Sultan said. So two weeks later we met again in London, he said okay George
what do you want to hear first, the good or the bad news. I said okay the bad news first. The Sultan
is not allowed to wear yellow gold or pink gold, white gold, steel or platinum is okay but he was so
amazed and thrilled by your packaging he would love the buy the box, how much is it.


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