Ultimate Cars, Watches & Hi Fi S03 ep19 : Sebastien Forest, HTT Cars, [?????]

Interview with Sebastien Forest

Countries like Italy and Germany may be well known for designing some of the best high-performance sports cars, but a Montreal automaker is changing all that with its new car, the HTT Plethore. With 750 horses under the hood, a top speed of 388 km/h and a 0-to-100 km/h time of 2.8 seconds it certainly offers a lot more than the average sedan. And yes, the doors lift with a remote control.


HTT: That’s a completely new product designed in Canada, developed in Canada it’s called
Plethor LC750 manufactured by our company, our company is HTT Technology a Canadian based
company out of Montreal.

HTT: This is a three seater, the only three seater available in the market right now, you drive the
car from the middle and you have one passenger on each side of the driver.

HTT: We founded the company eight years ago and one of my partner is name is Luke Chatin, he’s
the designer of the car and he’s the founder of the company at the beginning he was alone, he did it
by himself and he has his idea of what should be the perfect super car and he started with a small
mock up about maybe 20 inches long and this is pretty close to being what he dreamed about.



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HTT: It start with a drawing on a paper, small mock up, full size design, no engine nothing in
terms of mechanic and in the last three years we work out everything to put it on the road we made
all the testing last summer and the first cars will be delivered by the end of this year.

HTT: Going in a wind tunnel we have changed some stuff just to make sure that we have the right
balance in terms of down force in the front and the back and make sure that everything’s okay in
terms of all the aerodynamic.


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HTT: It’s basically passion and dream when you’re 5, 10, 15 years old you dream of a car, you
dream of Ferrari or Lamborghini and Luke and ourselves had some very nice dream for something
new, we all have passion because we had some tough times I mean in the past few years but now
we’re pretty close to what we’ve done so far.

HTT: It’s a completely private owned company so we have five partners in the company, we have
finance the whole thing by ourselves.


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HTT: We’ve made some testing, we’ve made some analyses in terms of what should be or what is
the best engine for our needs, the engine that we have picked is the block itself, it’s the same block
as they use in the ZR1 Corvette is the LS9 block, it’s a fairly small block, it’s a light block, and it’s
probably the more reliable block available on the market and we have modified it.

HTT: For the 12 first car which is our first year of production we sell the car for 335,000 Euro and
after the first 12 cars the price will be 400,000 Euro. Six cars have been pre-sold and they will be
delivered by the end of this year and this is half of our first year of production that there’s already

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HTT: At the beginning you’re never happy with the result but after a few months of testing the car
that we have in hands right now is very impressive and very, I mean this is something different,
driving from the middle it’s different perspective, you have the same perspective on both left and
right, you’ve got to get used a little bit to it.


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