Ultimate Cars, Watches & Hi Fi S03 ep1 : Antoine Preziuso, Preziuso Watches, [Switzerland]

Interview with Antoine Preziuso

Antoine Preziuso is a one-of-a-kind Master Watchmaker in fine Swiss watch making today. With a recent return to the essence to authentic watch creation, these latest years are exactly the right time for the Antoine Preziuso style to become a classic.The fact that he assembled his first timepiece at the age of 7, finished at the top of his class at the Ecole d’Horlogerie of Geneva and went on to work for the most prestigious names in Geneva’s Haut de Gamme.."


Antoine Preziuso is a watchmaker of Geneva, Antoine is the French name, Preziuso is the Italian
name, together is the creativity of watchmaking.

When I was young my room is too small and my father is also in watchmaking and my small room,
play with watches or clock with watch parts. You play with the wheel, you play with the
movement to move something, you take out the balance and something come to move like a play.

Sixteen, Watchmaking School of Geneva and I start the course in this watchmaking for five years.

I just want to learn about watchmaking because I like the antique watchmaking and I want to know
I want to repair the most important watch or clock in the world and they repair restore a lot of
clock or antique watches for antique shops, for museum, for collectors you know for free market to
make a business with antique watches.

First things you have to see which kind of metal they use, steel, brass, gold, white gold, why they
put gold on this place or on this place, you … wheel or what is this broken, which part is lost and
you have to study and have an interest about this watch and learn and the most important it is to
have old watchmaker behind.

I imagine but I buy old steel and make the spare parts with old steel put this old steel in the antique
watches. At the same age this is a good restoration and I continue like this and I learn, learn, learn,
learn, learn.

In 1986 I went in Italy, in … I see this big clock and I say wow, I want this clock on my wrist and I
start my watch like this.


Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio

The Russian government say please you have to find a great and good watchmaker to repair the
Kremlin clock, it stop for over 40 years and nobody can repair this, it’s watchmaker of the king of
Paris in 18th Century it’s a present to the Russian government, it’s a big scripture and they cannot
take out the movement, they don’t know how you can open this clock, P… said, somebody have to
repair this and quickly and they go to Kremlin with all my bag of my tools, I repair the clock and
say Preziuso don’t move, now you have to check all the clock in the Kremlin. I check all the clock
and repair few other.

You have a dream or you have inspiration. If I am under my car on the rush time you have time to
spend to thinking about something or if you are in holiday I get inspiration, day, night and I’m like
a painter and start and start to make a watch and when I make a watch I dream maybe I can add
something complication, innovation, special moon, special time zone or something like that or
special tourbillon, flying tourbillon, double no why double no, maybe somebody make double, I
make triple and step by step the watch come.

First in my mind, after on the paper and then after my son or some people make a computer
drawing but at the beginning I start to by hand make the some spare type or prototype by hand.

We are ten people now under this moment on my staff here I have also my son a watchmaker and
my daughter, she’s jewellery.

I like some challenge to be find a special material like a metal .. a piece of star and you marry the
time and the space.

I don’t choose the metal for the mechanism, the only for outside the case, the crown the buccal
maybe the hands ok but not on the movement. Because it’s a little bit magnetic. If you put outside
is like a … the cage.


Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio

I like to make crazy watches, I like to make unique watches, I play with the time, it’s my passion,
I’m crazy about watch. A lot of people ask me the new design new movement, give me idea, I
have a thousand idea. You know I try to take out the balance to stop the time sometimes but the …
run and now I want to make more watches, more idea you know and also unique watches.

It’s life, it’s the life on the mechanic you share with the time machine you share you know like this
watch your life is your power and the watch show you energy and the watch tells you, the watch
said okay you are fine today, ah maybe today you are down you have to move.


Jewellery Theatre Elements

For the unique watch I make my movement, step by step, spare part by spare, I make wheel, I
make spring, I make hands by hand and for the production I buy some … Swiss … and I change
like a Mercedes and a MG, the MG and the Mercedes but MG to change the horsepower, the
quality of the metal same with my watches. The watch must be more accurate with a nice finish
and I add a complication like maybe second time zone, moon face or automaton, erotic scene
many things, you can show many, many things, it’s my imagination.

One time a make a minute repeater with perpetual calendar and I work on my … like this 12, 18
hours by day, make, make and you know I am in the countryside the windows is open and one
small insect come to my on the table you know and you know you are with the look, and see the
small animals and … come on the watch, stop on the dial. Okay I make this insect in gold and I put
on the watch and you have to move every day on my watch so I engrave, I make the beetle in gold
and everyday the beetle move Monday Tuesday change the position for example you know.

Jewellery Theatre Fairytales

My friend Frank Mueller make the revolution tourbillons, we are on the same time on the school,
we are friend for long time and ok he make revolution tourbillon three position, three deep
tourbillon okay, I make three tourbillon. On the same wheel it’s a tourbillon of tourbillon because
one tourbillon turn like this the second one also and the third also and the three tourbillon turn also
like this you find the resonance and the watch come more accurate and I have two patent now with
this watch.

The watchmaker is a little bit astronomic and we think and we try to understand the planetary
system and you can use this know of knowledge and put on the watch.


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