Ultimate Cars, Watches & Hi Fi S03 ep20 : Vincent Perriard, HYT Watches[?????]

Interview with Vincent Perriard

A new concept watch has been built which is the first ever to combine both mechanical and liquid engineering. The new concept watch has been created by master watch maker Vincent Perriard & Co and is called the HYT H1 and comes with the hefty price tag of $45,000, with a titanium case. The H1 uses liquid-driven pistons as well as gears to tell the time. The Pistons in the movement move the bellows, which then push green fluorescein liquid around the dial to indicate the time. Unveiled at the Basel World 2012 show, the timepiece is known to use advanced fluid mechanic sciences to display time, and carry on with its daily functions with near perfect balancing.


HYT: I always wanted to create paradoxes, I love the things that are not supposed to live together
so the liquid mixed with a mechanical movement, it’s a complete surprise it’s something that
should not live together.

HYT: I grew up in Switzerland and I moved to New York working in the marketing advertising
companies then I moved back to Switzerland and worked for A… and they were looking for a
communication manager so I sent my resume and got the job. And L… it’s a beautiful quiet place
but I was too young to be amongst so I worked there for four, almost five years.

HYT: I had an opportunity to go to New York again for S… for Mr Hiyek and then I left after two
years to create my consulting business. I have been doing this job for six years, sold my company
to my partners, and became President of Concord Watches.

HYT: We completely repositioned Concord that was from 2006 up to 2009. For that design we
worked with the Scar… brothers, they live in … and when we came with the C1 Gravity, that’s the
name of the watch, we won the company of Geneva, the best design of 2008.


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HYT: At that time we were working also with a company called D&D and D&D was the watch
factory behind us that was able to you know translate the ideas and the concept that we had in our
brain to make it a reality.

HYT: I was talking to D&D and they were coming with some movement ideas and I said no, no,
no, no, no, I want to have something completely crazy, something completely out there and we
were pushing for hours and hours and hours of discussion and then they said okay you know what I
may have something for you, what about a tourbillon which is not like this but on side, it’s a side
tourbillon and I was like that starts to excite me.

HYT: Because when I was at Concord the second piece after the Gravity when we won the
company of Geneva was called the Quantum Gravity and the Quantum Gravity we mixed a little
piece of liquid encapsulated in the glass and with a screw system the glass was going up and down
so it was not really like a liquid within the watch but the liquid was encapsulated in the glass okay
so we somehow we approached the idea of having a liquid and a mechanical movement together
and then I met Lucia V… who is the inventor of the HYT system and he said Vincent I can bring
you to the level that you wanted to have like three years ago with Concord because now what we
have here is really a system where the liquid can move around and indicate the time and I said no,
no, no it’s impossible, and I thought that that was a battery and I thought it was a quartz watch said
no, no, no it can be a mechanical movement. We started to work all together with Lucia, with
Patrick Berdot who is a partner with Emanuel S… who is another partner so we were like we’ve
been a crew of about 10 people today including Bruno M… who was the head of industrialisation
of A… so he was a bigshot guy and Z… who is the art director used to be working with me at A…
and we created this concept of HYT and the H means, the H and the Y is hydraulic and the T is
technology. We wanted to have a name which is impactful which is easy to understand and
remember and it’s only three letters so you know it’s eyecatching.


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HYT: We kept the hands to indicate the minutes and we kept the liquid system to indicate the
hours. Why? It’s because we wanted to have something hybrid, we wanted to have something in
between the mechanical traditional movements and the liquid system. If you go too far into the
innovation and the liquid system, there could be gimmicky and too high tech, we didn’t want to
have something too much on one side and too much classical, it’s really the fine balance of
technical, mechanical and innovative liquid.

HYT: The first designs we were going much deeper than what we have today. We wanted and we
needed to slow it down a little bit the creativity because we wanted to make sure that what we
deliver will be working so because in the pipe we’ve got much more than that. The capillaries of
the tube, the glass tube indicating the time, we can have any shape we want, we can go up and
down, we can create anything but we wanted to have a first piece which makes sense which is a
good balance of what I described before.

HYT: The second element we wanted to have was a round watch, we didn’t want to have a square
or triangle, whatever, because nine watches out of ten they are round when they come to be sold in
the new horology that you know for the last 10 years, lots of those watches are not round, they are
triangle, they are … shape, they are square, so that was really two elements, the round piece and
the price, below $50,000.

HYT: We assemble and create the watch in Switzerland, fully in Switzerland in L… who is our
partner … with Mr Jean France … so it’s a beauty because we were working with most probably
one of the best workshops ever of the industry right now, this is those are really hot guys.


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HYT: Funny enough it’s not so fragile I mean we’ve got the pieces now for three days and we wear
it day and night and it works perfectly and of course you know if I drop it or if I smash it on the
floor it’s going to break you know it’s like any of the watches that we have here but it’s not fragile
at all because in fact the glass tube is really floating in the air so there is no contact except one
place which is where it connects to the pistons, otherwise the tube is in is really like in gravity you
know it’s like floating in the air.

HYT: It’s very healthy, it’s very good for the business to have like very niche highly innovative
companies like us and not others because we enrich the entire industry, we make people dream and
some of the technology that we are small companies developing will most probably one day end
up and will inspire other big names and that’s important.

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HYT: Number one of the requests was really strange and it is a serious one, we thought it was a
joke, was to put vodka into the liquid, they wanted to have you know to customise the liquid and to
have blood or vodka or any of those drinks so you meet sometimes crazy people.


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