Ultimate Cars, Watches & Hi Fi S03 ep3 : Carlos Rosillo, Bell and Ross Watches, [Switzerland]

Interview with Carlos Rosillo

Bell Ross is a Swiss watch company headed by French designers Bruno Belamich and Carlos A. Rosillo. The brand was launched in 1992, and the first watches were designed by Belamich and Rosillo and made by a German watchmaker, Sinn.[1] They comprised a group of designers and specialists of aircraft and space controls joined with a set project: to create watches perfectly suiting a professional use. Nowadays astronauts, pilots, divers or bomb disposal experts use Bell Ross watches as tools for their missions."


I spirit it’s the passion of watches, we are establishing … but our headquarter is in Paris so it is a
mix between I think those two countries.

The idea started in ’92. My partner, his name is Will Bedamish but we know each other since we
are 15 years old, we were friends and he is a product designer and both of us were fan and
collectors of watches.

Both of us are French, he comes from Burgundy, I am half French half Spanish.

When we started my mother was quite, she said are you sure you want to leave a good job in an
investment bank and start as a watchmaking company, I mean this is very dangerous. And after a
while she said to me now you have a real job because she thought that having just your mind
working and not making things, objects was not a real job.

We’re like symbols. If you look on our logo you will see that the B stands for the buccal the begin
of the buccal then the Bell and the Ross is the strap and the & is like the watch, the centre of the
watch so our logo represents a watch, what we do.

In the centre of our logo there is the &, the ampersand with a circle, what does it mean? This is
probably the soul of the company, union of competence, between who, between design,
watchmaking, engineers and professional users.

The way we look at watches today is totally different from 20 or 30 years ago and the way we buy
watches. Before you had one beautiful watch for all your life and probably when Swatch arrive you
get the habit that you could change your watch. Before a watch was there to give the time, today
it’s much more than that. I think that it has always been also a key symbol, it’s about something
which is very personal, your relation to time which is something that is very important in life.
Today in fact you don’t need a watch to have the time because we are surrounded by time.


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We have kept those principals from the … watches. What is its related. Readable, simple, you can
read at the first glance so black dial, white hands, functional, precise and reliable. Very simple.
When you ask to a professional what does he want, I want to look at my watch and know what I
want to get as an information.



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The object that has inspired us since the beginning, since the very beginning that you see in the
first catalogue was the dashboard the instrument and we decided to say okay, let’s take this
dashboard and put it on the wrist, we didn’t know that it would be successful commercially,
frankly I couldn’t think that we would sell so many of those.

When we go into the computations we make our own … and we develop from the roto … for the
current collection we use database and then whether we keep it like that, whether we transform it
according the kind of computation we want to have.

Sometimes we try to find, according to project, who is the best watchmaker in jumping hours, V..
Calibrese, do you want to partner with us on this project? Yes. Who is the best watchmaker for
doing tourbillons? Who is the best watchmaker to do … so according the project we try to find the
best competence and we don’t think that having all the competence in house is the key.


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The most pleasant thing in our business is the creative part and the creative part we don’t self
control, we’re like an … partner is the product designer and we really have fund on this part. How
do we do it? Well we talk, we talk about the watches we want, we talk about the watches we’ve
seen, and where should we go, every journalist ask us what’s next when we present the next one
and what’s next, and this is the question that we have in mind.

What we call in French le p… it’s easy to add and add and to put, what’s difficult is less. Less is

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The influence of collectors is big because they are sharp, they really know I basically am a
collector so I like to speak with collectors.

Our first BASA fair, 15 years ago, we had a booth which was half of just this room, we came with
Bruno my partner and we were at the 3rd floor so it was really bad, we were close to the toilets so
people they had to go to the toilet and they look at those watches, it’s so weird, it’s so interesting,
I’m coming back in awe, magnificent booth that we all have there are restaurants beautiful lounge,
but what we don’t have right now is toilets.


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