Ultimate Cars, Watches & Hi Fi S03 ep3 : Emile Pop ,Savage Rivale Cars, [Netherlands]

Interview with Emilio Pop

The Savage Rivale Roadyacht GTS: The only 4 door “topless on demand” supercar. It’s all about the sensational sound, the adrenalin rushes, and the extraordinary, but above all the experience driving it. With it’s yacht inspired interior wrapped around the brutal V8, it will excite your senses pulling you from 0-300 in less than 15 seconds.


2000 I was driving in Spain and I was having the best time of my life, I was like well this couldn’t
get any better and then there was this bald guy he was overtaking me in a Porsche Carrara and I
was like all my dreams were shattered and I was like what the hell, come on, this is not how I
imagined life and then I was like I want to drive here some day in a car that I build with my own
hands and even design it if it’s possible and so it happened.

At this point we are at three guys and Justin and me we built this car in three years.

I’m a very dreamy guy you know I want to have this sexy internship you know California, surfing
all day, maybe a little bit of working. I rang up BMW design works in California and they turned
me down, they said well you’re sketching is cool but you have to go back to the drawing board
because you are not good enough yet. And this gave me this much of energy that I was like well
then I’ll just do it myself.

That was about 2005 so five years later I draw the first sketch and I said to my classmates,
industrial design class, who wants to build a car with me and everybody was like yeah whatever
you want and Justin said well I’ll take your challenge and then we start redefining the sketches,
putting it in the clay model, one 1.4 clay model and we took the clay model all the way around
Holland and with our enthusiasm and our spirit we are looking for companies who want to help us
with money in the pocket because we don’t have any money.

We took it on and then suddenly there were like 30 or 40 companies who actually say we like your
enthusiasm, we like your fight, let’s do it.


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In Holland nobody has a business sense of humour it’s always about the money with us and what I
think is that at that time there was crisis and they had no work so they think, they thought that
maybe spend some money on these guys and get it back in a few years.

We never had a budget so what we did we went to this company and say you have something we
want, you make some nice wheels, we need those wheels. Why don’t you give us the wheels and
we will put your name on the wall on the … side and everybody was like yeah let’s do that.

I rang the guys here in Monaco and next thing you know in 2009 … unveiled the first prototype.
From there on there was a lot of work to have done yet because the car wasn’t really driving at that
point and then we put in the engine, put in the transmission get it road legal, and we only have to
do two decibels of sound reduction and then we have a licence.

Normally a marketing department they set out a plan and then they do a packaging so the engine,
the people and then they do the design and everything else. We did it the other way around. We
first designed the shape and then we decided on where to put the people and the engine, we put the
design of our car, put it in the blueprint, you have an internet site it’s call theblueprint.com and
you can all see the side view see through pictures and my associate Justin he learned that self … in
half a year and that’s very crazy.

I put it on the internet and I was like just plain and simple, I am Emile Pope, I’m going to build
this car with some of my friends and companies and everybody’s like yeah well, it’s never going to
happen you know blah, blah, blah and I was like no problem and I keep posting pictures like a blog
yeah and the coolest thing is that if you look at it now we could laugh at it.

Through the website we came to the solution that the corvette power train was the best solution,
the transmission is in the back and the engine is in the front is the best weight distribution and from
there on we just bought on ebay we brought the transmission yeah. Yeah.


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My grandfather is from Romania, his father was from Hungaria and they went from Hungaria to
Romania and they had some kind of title and they got prosecuted like the Jews in World War II so
he has to get rid of his title to be low profile. And his name Savarochi and I just played with it and
then I was like yeah I’m a wild guy, I want to put it out there and there was no rival and therefore I
was like Savarochi, Savage Reval and then Rojal is of course for the speedboat inspiration for the
Rojat and GTS for the Grand Turismo Super charger.

In the beginning we just went with it and everybody was like yeah you can’t weld, you can’t
laminate, but we were like well we can learn it to this company was like you can teach us how to
weld and then in one week we could weld. And not very good so the reason for us is then we have
to build the first car ourselves to know how to delegate and instruct the people who are actually
going to build the production models.

The hardest part was the packaging, fitting in the engine and the panel box and the front wheels
because I wanted to go with the front stands look so the cabin in the front like Lamborghini
because Lamborghini was a little bit of inspiration for me. I had some demands for myself I wrote
it on the paper and one of them was four person, four doors and my vision was to translate the
speed boat or the yacht to the road because there isn’t any car designed for this purpose. You can
size it down to Dutch design combined with the Riviera lifestyle and that’s really what it’s all


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We’ve sold one version and it’s the racing variant so it’s the GTR. We put it out like three months
ago, we got this feedback from everybody around saying you have to put a basic model for on the
track. The problem is at this point this car is so expensive to build that the people who are able to
buy it they are like well what if I buy it and three years later you won’t exist any more and
therefore for us it’s a stepping plate to first build this GTR version and then it will prove itself on
the track and everybody will be like okay. This is really something.

When we first started everyone was like well now Lamborghini will get you in or something like
that but that’s not reality because in reality they have their own scouting guys and they go to the
normal car design schools.

The next step is that when we return to Holland after the show we are straight going to build the
GTR version because it’s getting ready for production. There’s a little bit of a gap between
production model and prototyping and therefore we want to do the last transformation again
ourselves for example we build this first clay model and then with a simple iron blade we cut in
the door seams and then you suddenly immediately find out oh well this is not possible and then
rear door is not shaped why does they have to be like this.

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They can’t imagine that you design a car only on the computer but there are designers who do so
and that was the best process after all, that was the best time of the whole process I think is the
clay model.

Lamborghini is the inspiration in this story but what I tried to do if you take a look at one line it’s
build up from all of the arcs and the splines and then the other line what’s next to this line is

In Holland the culture is not as it should be I mean if you do this in America, the United States,
you get celebrity status right away but in Holland everybody’s like just act normal.


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