Ultimate Cars, Watches & Hi Fi S03 ep4 : Leonard Yankelovich, Dartz Armoured Vehicles, [Russia]

Interview with Leonard Yankelovich

DARTZ.EU present armored car which shocked the World - PROMBRON' (ex.RussoBaltique). This is oldest armored car brand in the World and famous Lenin's speech was told from RussoBaltique armored car. Now - ultraluxury, ultraproof armored car. 


Dartz: In one month 90% of my money I spend on cars, girls and vodka and 10% of money I waste.

Dartz: We continue the tradition of famous Russian brand with the boutique which was named
during Soviet times.

Dartz: We are from Latvia. Latvia was part of Russian Empire, 1864 in R___, city where I was
born, Russian Tsar with Belgian company start to manufacture luxury coaches for railway. 1907
they make a decision to manufacture cars. At 1908 they start to manufacture cars and finally in
June 1909, the first car was done. 1911 first ___ car take part in Monte Carlo rally and they
became winners, this is the fourth part of car this is sport car. At 1912 Russian Tsar make a
decision to start military car manufacturing in R____ so it became military car so when World
War I was very close to R___ the factory was evacuated to St Petersburg a little safe a R___ and
continued to make cars. And at 1917 Lenin borrowed one of the Ch____ R___ brand hop on him
and told his famous speech about great October socialist revolution so this car shocked the world.

Dartz: We have two factories, St Petersburg and R___, we are based on this historical places and
for some of cars we use some pieces of historical metals or something because some rich people
ask for maybe something historical. In reality in this world left only two and a half cars ___ one
car is located in R___ car museum R___ as a car, it is located in Moscow car museum and the third
car is at ____ a half, it’s a copy, 100% copy which look very close to this car but quite different.
This is a copy of car which was in Monte Carlo in 1912 rally winner and it is located in Monaco.

Dartz: We start in 1998 when we decide to make a car, we start to study the question so the most
secure system of armouring of cars is so called soviet capsula, capsula means when you build a
first body, armoured box where person sit inside and after that you build all other parts of car.


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Dartz: I have two backgrounds. I am soviet engineer mechanic and I was a soviet soldier of
armoured cars.

Dartz: Here is lot of super cars, so called super cars, plastic and metal sheet, while velocity four
tonnes of armoured ___ steel.

Dartz: Official tests are 3 or 5 bullets but for example if man have ___ he will use 30 bullets. Our
car is fast enough to drive away very fast, it’s not like elephant which you will shoot and it will
run, no, we have engine which can make it 240 kilometres.

Dartz: Oh the price of luxury car we start from 500,000 and going up.



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Dartz: Before we start work in European market, and before we move factory from St Petersburg
to Baltic maybe main customers was Russian criminals ____ and so on.

Dartz: Now we are starting we want to go to European market and second market ___ pop stars
who are planning to deliver first car to USA, near is 2-3 weeks, will go to USA, yes to rap star to
gangster rap stars yes. That what same.

Dartz: This car we call lady’s own. Ladies now like big SUVs but not all of them can drive nice
and also they want to use a lipstick to paint the glasses and so on, so this car is tank and yeah she
can drive and paint and nothing will happen with lady.

Dartz: To avoid hijacking there are no door. There is only one from right side door to put this hand
bar. This is three door coupe.


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Dartz: Now we sign contract with China and the main question is Leo, how many eagles you se the
silver eagles on this car, how many eagles will be on this car, maybe can you put one more eagle,
the second question was one more funnier, you see the stars on the wheels, Leo can we take off the
stars when we will pass the border because we are not sure that Chinese custom will allow us to go
because it’s our country’s symbol and maybe we will have a problem so this is Chinese customers,
gangster rappers they have other questions. Can you make some security safe for some big guns,
there, there, there, to push the button gun go up and so on.

Dartz: For gangster rappers the number one for them to be different with other cars it is impossible
we are one and only car which have no two similar cars every car is different so any gangster
rapper can be for example for them we created so called golden bullet wheels, in reality we created
them for Arabians.

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Dartz: If we are selling safety car we must be responsible and we must know. We are not like for
example some Toyota oh in two million of our cars brake doesn’t work, send us car back, but what
we will tell oh sorry our glass was not so bullet proof, come back alive so what we can tell it’s not
a kidding.


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