Ultimate Cars, Watches & Hi Fi S03 ep5 : Steve Clerici, Rebellion Watches, [?????]

Interview with Steve Clerici

Steve Clerici's passion to be a "Rebel with a cause". To produce very individual watches. 


Rebellion: We are a young brand, we created the brand 2008 and inspiration is motor racing so we
link a lot of watch details to the motor racing.

Rebellion: We do not belong to a big group and we really wanted to do uncommon projects so
Rebellion for us was the best name we really can find.

Rebellion: More or less 10 years I was doing also private label watches for customer and after I
quit everything and I went to the cosmetic business for some years. Because the customer are the

Rebellion: Ten years ago it was quite easy to buy movement from ___ to do quite easy watch and
though to sell a watch you must be really technical and tough, we don’t have history like the other
big brands so we must improve, technology is really important and in the watch business they
always tell you it’s not possible because they never try it so we try a lot of things, you have to
really find the way to target a new product.


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Rebellion: You need to create totally new movements and the technology helps us a lot for that for
example the T1000 even three or four years ago nobody could dream about a watch with 1000 hour
power reserve. It’s 6 barons, it’s a vertical movement and the way we charge we keep the energy
and we distribute the energy patented. It’s clever but simple.

Rebellion: You come to see some people with a lot of ideas and some can solve some small
problems and at the end you have a really perfect watch.

Rebellion: Rich… change a lot of the market. It’s a big luck to have somebody like him before and
for the niche brands we are all targeting more or less the same customer at the end. For us the
philosophy is not to produce much more watches, we would like to limit it by 500 maximum to
really keep this exclusivity on the product.


Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio

Rebellion: For the design we work with Eric __ who did NBNF ___ MCT all the latest opus so for
us it’s a really good designer and he give us a lot of support and help also.

Rebellion: For the moment there is a need for tourbillon customer ask for it so that’s why we work
on our own tourbillon just before ___ tourbillon for the square watch and ___ for the Predato so the
___ but in 2012 we will produce our own tourbillon to really match what we would like to do.


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Rebellion: All the case are done by us, the movement T1000 is made by us and the new tourbillon
will be also made by us 100%. The first one the red 5 the square one was done by L__ only for us.

Rebellion: People makes money during crisis, much more easier than when everybody have rush.
You have better ideas, cheaper ideas and you think better the product and when it’s too easy you
don’t spend good ideas on the money.

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Rebellion: Project like the T1000 some watchmaker didn’t believe it could work so it surprises a
lot when for us it works because it’s always a big surprise like a baby will arrive sometimes also
we had projects who didn’t work and on the paper it was working so no the watch business is not
an exact science, it’s something you try and after you have a result.


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