Ultimate Cars, Watches & Hi Fi S03 ep6 : Andreas Schwarz, Gemballa Cars, [Germany]

Interview with Andreas Schwarz

With first-class products and highly qualified employees Uwe Gemballa wants to convince auto enthusiast all over the world to enjoy dynamic driving and individual car design. We are the world market leader in luxury Porsche Tuning. Our cars achieved various performance records on international racing circuits - not for it’s own sake – but for the vitality and driving delight of our customers ! 


Gemballa: Gemballa is a company who modify cars. We have this year in 2011 the 30 anniversary
of the company.

Gemballa: On 16 August last year company export I and a friend of mine we are the owner of the

Gemballa: We modify Porsches from the basic and bring it to a Gemballa and I think the spirit
speaks for itself.

Gemballa: I’m a typical car engineer, somebody told me I’m ill, I have a problem but I don’t find
the medicine.

Gemballa: In the past I do motor sport from China and that every time I have to do with the with
cars with technical with faster, faster, faster.


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Gemballa: I have other company Schwartz Automotive Engineering GBH to make this shop with
other brands SLR, Brugatti, M__ I’m also the managing director but I organise the company
completely different, it’s smaller, I have my employees and I can go outside and the company, the
company live and work.

Gemballa: We have some special clients and we do some cars for that for example we do the
Ferrari Enzel to M__ Wong, we now have a small programme for the SLR McLaren and maybe in
the future some cars small but not so many brands and not so big volume of them, the big volume
is Porsche.

Gemballa: We have many, many suppliers around the Stuttgart they work for us for Porsche for
Mercedes for MG for us.

Gemballa: The know how from the engineers is, it’s very, very big and very good and I think a
little bit different to for example I don’t __ say English cars or Italian cars are bad or better than
German but it’s different. The quality in details. I think a German they only will do a perfect car, a
perfect from the quality, from everything. If they have 50 horsepower smaller or not that’s not a
problem it must be from the quality perfect.


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Gemballa: The most of the clients from us they want more performance, that what we bring and
we engineered and change parts of the engines for example turbo chargers, air coolers and so on,
we development with the supplier new suspension, we modify the aerodynamic, the interior, it’s
very specially from us for the wishes of the customer, all of the car we look that we can do it a
little bit better than what you can buy by Porsche originally.

Gemballa: If you look on the new GT2RS and you look on the lines of this car, of some things and
you look on our Avalanche, our Avalanche is now I think five or six years old for the 907, it comes
from the 80’s and it’s very time the same line and if you put these two cars together.

Gemballa: It depends on what the customer want. If they only want for example a wheel set or
only suspension with wheel set it’s not so expensive, if they want a complete conversion for
example from the new Tornado, it’s a little bit expensive because we change all, only the roof is
the original one, and all what you see here the bumper, the rear bonnet, the side fenders, all what
you see the front bumper, the doors, that’s very, very special, nobody do that before, we changed it
all, it’s all from carbon, it’s completely carbon fibre bodies.


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Gemballa: They start by 100,000 the turbo and goes to 130,000, 140,000, it’s a big difference. The
conversion by us, if you have the full options, it’s 330,000 euros about. Yeah it’s an expensive car
but we change all, we increase the horsepowers, we have more than 700 horsepowers.

Gemballa: It’s not a race car, that’s clear. The Mirage it’s a race car that’s normally not for the
street it’s for the race track but the Cayenne you can drive easily.

Gemballa: The GT is a racing car, its development for the race track and they put it on the street
but they forgot small things, what they must do that the normal customer can drive it on the street
that’s what we do for example we changed the clutch, our clutch it’s much easier to handle like the
original clutch, the original clutch you can ask everybody who owns a ___ GT they hate it, they
hate it because it’s a carbon clutch and the carbon clutch is very good but it’s for the race track not
for the street if you want to go here in Monaco two time through Monaco you don’t want to drive
the car because you have such ___ it’s very difficult you stop with the car every time and we
development with one of our supplier a new clutch, it’s easier to handle. It’s not better on the race
track but much, much better on the street for the motor we only do a little bit of issue upgrade
because the engine is near the limit. We can realise 670 horsepowers but that’s enough for this

Gemballa: Cayenne and the Panomera also the Mistrali is completely changed the body,
completely change interior, engine upgraded, it’s the step to our own car it’s not long.

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Gemballa: The market for really performance car is not big. The people they have enough money
and they want to individualise her life, they want it to do it with the cars and they want the car that
not so many people in the world drives. I limited both cars to Mistrala and the Tornado to 30 units
because we have this year the 30 anniversary of the company of the name Gemballa and if the 30
cars sold it’s finished with that cars.

Gemballa: We make a convertible from an SLR coupe before Bugatti bring out the ___ sport two
customers ask me to make a convertible of them but I heard then Bugatti bring the ___ sport and I
cancel them.

Gemballa: A middle seat from the M___ one customer they want a seat in the middle like the
McLaren F1, it was very difficult from the technical side but the gearbox and so on it was very,
very funny this project but it was too expensive and the customer cancelled it.

Gemballa: Everybody in my business thinking about that. You can do a car very cheap but then
you don’t have a very high quality car. If I do a car for myself under the brand Gemballa, it must
be very perfect and it costs a lot of money.


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