Ultimate Cars, Watches & Hi Fi S03 ep6 : Charles Oudin, Camille Berthot Watches, [France]

Interview with Charles Oudin

Charles Oudin is a French house of horology founded at the end of the 18th century by the pupil of Abraham Breguet. After having dressed the wrists of the kings and queens of Europe, Charles Oudin was relaunched in 1998 by a chic Parisienne, Camille Berthet, as a maison of montres haute joaillerie. Oudin watches, notoriously adorned with pearls, diamonds and satin, are handmade in Paris "


Oudin: Charles Oudin was a pupil of Breguet and he make a lot of pieces for Breguet for example
the question of time he make also the first clock watch ___ in France, during all the 19th century he
develop the production with the same taste of Breguet but with a little more decoration.

Oudin: I’m collector but I come from a family of watchmaker on the ___ Swiss border but on the
French side, most of my activity during all my life was in antique watches from 17th century until
20th century.

Oudin: During all my activity I have seen a lot of pieces of Charles Oudin and I have seen that it
was perhaps the most interesting brand which gives the taste of the French watchmaker.

Oudin: Once time I have sold all my watches to one collector. It was all my stock of antique
watches just one guy buy whole.

Oudin: You are happy to have sold all the pieces but after you say how can I buy the same thing,
it’s impossible because it’s when you sold five pieces, ten pieces you can say in one year I can
have the same as the five pieces again, ten pieces again or 50 pieces again, but when you lost
everything in my mind it was very difficult to buy the same thing because it’s a lot of time to make
the same thing, that’s why I want to start this brand again.

Oudin: I have a large collection of Charles Oudin watches sold at auction. I want to develop this
brand and I put all the all mark for this brand.


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Oudin: My preferred brand is Breguet, if I see a Breguet I see its ever clean without decoration and
Oudin is the same quality of a Breguet but it’s very different because you have a special design on
the back, a special design on the movement, a special design on the dial.

Oudin: C___ made all 20th century he make all the shape of wrist watches like Cartier or B__ or
Patex, in the watches which were made during the 19th century the clients were all royal family
like the King of Spain, the King of Portugal, the King of Finland, the King of France, even for the
rich but also for the Pope.

Oudin: If you look at the production of Charles Oudin two pieces are in the ___ Museum. The first
one is a self winding watches made for the exhibition in 1806 and it was a self winding like the
Breguet watches, there is second one which is very unusual which is a ___ the movement move in
the case. It’s something very different that you have never seen and also during this exhibition at
the beginning of the 18th century they make a watch with a crown.

Oudin: It was the first step technical way to make watches because self winding watches were very
rare at the beginning of 19th century.


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Oudin: It was a pocket watch, it does nonsense to have the system and the whole of system which
were used by Breguet or J___ or was ___ of system.

Oudin: The main watch I am trying to make it’s to make family business.


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Oudin??: As I grew up in the jewellery and watch field at age 20 my father relaunched C___ in
1998 and quite quickly I decided to join while he was launching the brand.

Oudin: It’s very difficult to launch a brand with a strong ID and our idea was to make decoration
on the watch, on the case like if it was a ____ it was in the same direction of a C___ pieces of the
19th century which was with a lot of decoration.

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Oudin: I idea to put design for our design like the h___ on the watch we were the first when we
make that in 1890 and now it’s a global trend on the watches.


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