Ultimate Cars, Watches & Hi Fi S03 ep7 : Frank Jutsi, Jutsi Watches, [Switzerland]

Interview with Frank Jutsi

Frank Jutzi is an independentFrank Jutzi table clock with tourbillon watchmaker, the member of AHCI, the creator of table clock and wristwatches. Frank is one of the watchmakers who prefer watches with tourbillon. All his models whether it is table clock or wristwatches equipped with open tourbillon which makes a perfect view."


I started the clocks at 10 years ago I started with watch too and now I make both.

This small machine … can wind up and then they work themselves it’s like a mystery.

The first week I was in the apprenticeship I asked my teacher yes if it’s allowed to come on my
free day to work. He said you are crazy but if you like you come you can come.

My father made a clock himself, didn’t make the movement but he make the design and then it
didn’t work, he take off in all parts and then he polished all the things and then he put together and
it works, I felt oh, it’s mystery.

Clock making would be my hobby and then I thought oh if I make it my hobby I all the day I wait
to go to my in my cellar to work on my clocks, I think it’s better to make it my work.

I have looked for a place to work as a clock maker and I didn’t find one and so I thought ok if you
don’t want me I can work myslf and so I started in 1985 I started I was 23 years old.

I bought and sold antique clocks and watch, pocket watch and so I started with this.


Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio

An I start my apprenticeship I started to make my own clock but I finished in the first year I was I
had my own shop then I finished it. With this I started to make other clocks yes. Once I had a
woman who want to buy it I said no I can’t sell you and then I made a copy for her.

In Switzerland you find a lot of French clocks from Paris they are very good made, good quality,
we have a lot of them.


Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio

In English you have most a snake and a chain, the French are directly … and then directly driven
but the English one they have escapements was if they have more pressure they are more quickly
and if they are have less pressure they are slower and the French one has an escapement who is not
so critical on that.

I have an idea perhaps to have an escapement out of the clock then this I start with this and then I
make design to have a movement escapement and hand outside, I have figurines I think oh I make
a clock with this figurine and then I start with this figurines. Every time I start with something else.


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In 2000 maybe the project of gold file they come to the AFCA all the members come to Bonn and
then we have spoken together and then I thought oh now it’s this is the time to start with watches
and then I made the watch for all type.

My first watch I make was the tourbillon and with this I had some problem, I finished it, when it
was going around the world to exopse and then it comes back and I had to refresh it for the
auctioning in Geneva and then I make this and then it didn’t work I had so many problems but at in
the end it was working yes.

Jewellery Theatre Fairytales

It’s funny to look at the peole they look in my window, they look and then they look like this, they
look again and so I think that they are thinking how it works and they don’t understand why it’s

But, but 10 minutes ago I sold a good clock now. It’s the first one I sold a good value clock here.


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