Ultimate Cars, Watches & Hi Fi S03 ep7 : William Maizlin, Conquest Armoured Vehicles, [Canada]

Interview with William Maizlin

Conquest Vehicles Inc., specializes in the design and manufacturing of bespoke, ultra luxurious, fully armored, sport utility vehicles. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Conquest Vehicles is comprised of the automotive industry’s most respected talent whose award-winning experience in engineering,fabrication, design, armoring and customization combine to create one-of-a-kind vehicles unrivaled and unmatched in today’s security and luxury automotive marketplace. 


Conquist Vehciles, it’s a Toronto based company that produces the Knight XV which is a hand
built, fully armoured civilian luxury SUV.

I’ve been in the armoury industry for about 14 years, been involved in a number of vehicles that
went to the Middle East during the Iraq war and so forth.

It was inspired by a military vehicle that the president of the company had seen in the past and
decided that there was an opportunity within the luxury marketplace to bring an armoured vehicle
to the market which not only met the specifications of a fully armoured vehicle which was hand
built each Knight XV takes 4,000 hours to hand build, but also was able to provide the luxury
appointments that you would expect would you get into a Bentley or a Rolls Royce.

There’s great automotive talent in Canada and what we did was we basically hand picked some of
the most talented engineers, armoury experts, car manufacturers and producers that had made a
great name for themselves in our country and we brought them all together and we laid out the
plans for what it is that we were looking to accomplish and ultimately after several years of R&D
and thousands upon thousands hours of renderings and testing, we came to the Knight XV.

Unlike most armoured vehicles today which are uparmoured, the Knight XV is a hand built
armoured vehicle from the ground up so we use ballistic hardened steel that we form basically into
a shell which sits on the truck as you see it.


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We have all of our armour tested by an independent laboratory in the US, HP White Laboratory
which is known for ballistics testing worldwide so effectively even the opaquing all the windows
are armoured at a certain level so we have an opportunity to present a product that isn’t just after
market armoured, this is a hand built armoured vehicle from the ground up.

In terms of weight, well we know it weighs a lot, the one sitting behind me is almost, it’s a little bit
over six tonnes and this is armoured to B4+ level so and we’ll arm all the way up to B7, we’ll
develo9p the product to B7 level so and that really depends on what our clients want, our clients
are ultra high net worth individuals so we understand that there’s a, there’s certainly a demand for
a product like this in terms of security function but also as well as luxury function as well. So
we’re giving them the best of both worlds.

The Knight XV sitting behind me right now, this will sell for US$685,000, we’ve been told at Top
Mark Monaco that it’s not as expensive as everybody thought it would be which is actually kind of
nice because it opens up a lot of possibilities for buyers.

This is the frist time that Conquist Vehicles has brought the Knight XV to Europe. The Prince of
Monaco last night visited our space and I believe he spent the most time out of all five car
companies that he visited with us and he was just, he was just fascinated by it.


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We’re using a freight liner chassis, we’re using a Cummins engine, Alison transmission which is a
workhorse, we can achieve over 450 horsepower, 700 torque and as you know diesel the torque is
quite dear so the vehicle moves very nicely. For a vehicle that size, which people are amazed is
it’s got an amazing turning radius, we have clients as a matter of fact that have purchased vehicles
and their wives drive their kids to school which I find kind of interesting but the kids think that it’s
the most amazing thing and they all feel like rock stars.

We are actually going to be building them 8 inches longer and 8 inches wider because the market
commands it. By moving in to a larger chassis and a stronger chassis, it permits us to build more
room onto the inside, even more than we have now which is massive and also allows us to put
more options into the vehicles too.

This is really the first of our production line. We have currently seven on the road and we have six
more in production right now so over the last three years we’ve had tremendous traction in the


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We’ve had clients who have asked us for such interesting options as ostrich skin, shark skin, 24
carat gold plated, whatever their wish list is we can do it for them.

A … normal armoury levels range between B4+ and B7. At the B7 level it has the capability of
stopping a very, very strong projetile and B4+ is, can stop AK47 so we have a number of different
security packages that we offer from oxygen containment systems to under carriage blast
protection systems, bioprotection systems, we’re actually looking at a company in the UK right
now that has produced an incredible product which is you’re driving in the vehicle and someone is
sighting you on a target, it will read that sight and tell you from where they’re coming from, up to
a mile away. The Department of Defence is actually using it now in the US so if you’re being
engaged and locked on, it will tell you where it’s happening so it’s almost like, it’s almost like a
GPS system.

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We’d been approached by several studios, we’re looking at several projects right now, it has a
great celebrity attachment to it already, we took T Ping to the Grammys in it last year, we took
Nickleback to the Much Music video awards, the Black Eyed Peas when they come to Toronto are
always, they’re always with us so yeah there’s a great deal of celebrity but truly it doesn’t matter
what celebrity that you pair with a vehicle because the vehicle is the celebrity itself.


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