Ultimate Cars, Watches & Hi Fi S03 ep8 : Alain Mouawad, Black Sand Watches, [Switzerland]

Interview with Alain Mouawad

Alain Mouawad" Created in 2011 by a dedicated collection, the Geneva-based watch company crafts chronometer s in harmony with Swiss watchmaking traditions as echoed in the Latin watchword “Semper Fidelis”, meaning “ever faithful”. Alain Mouawad has been active in the watchmaking world for over a quarter of a century. At an early age, he developed a passionate interest in these objects that measure time. He enriched his knowledge through the family business in the Middle East, dedicated to distributing some of the finest names on the Swiss watchmaking scene. At a glance, he can identify the pedigree of a watch: the brand of a given model and its production year. His expertise and experience in the field of wristwatches guarantees him a clear vision of the contemporary watch industry.


Blacksand: Since my childhood I was a watch fan, I work long time for the family business in July
2010 I took the decision to make my own brand.

Blacksand: I studied sociology and marketing, I made a double major in Geneva Switzerland then I
went two years in __ University where I studied advertising, that was my major.

Blacksand: When I finish my studies my first business was to be in charge of R__ as R___ was
more a jewellery watch, my mission was to make it more instrumental watch.

Blacksand: My father is very generous in the way that he loves to teach people, he love to give his
expertise, his know how, his inputs to people, he’s not selfish, it’s everything me know, success I
want to share it with people so with my father I had all the experiences I was taking care of R___
then I was travelling for him to buy him brands then I had to search for a brand for his market so
the big experience I had working for the family business is I was in all the inputs and today by
doing this watch brand I know exactly what the consumer wants I know what the dealer wants,
what everybody wants in all the context of where you put yourself.


Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio

Blacksand: When I decided to make the brand Blacksand I say okay you’re going to do a nice
watch brand but the emphasis of it is a lot a lot of technicity on the watch but at the same time it
needs to be classic because the watch for me is a timepiece, it needs to give you time.

Blacksand: We saw six, seven designers and basically the one worked out his name is Stefan
Avrange, he’s Swiss, his company is called Blade Design, he made a lot of watches for example
one of his nice design was the Concorde C1 watch.



Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio

Blacksand: We’re using a technotime movement it’s a 13 point half line, it’s a big automatic
movement, it’s 120 hours power reserve so it basically you remove the watch and it will still run
for five days without putting back the time and it’s the cost ___ certified Swiss chronometer
timepiece so it’s a precise watch.

Blacksand: The watch when you look at it, it looks simple but at the same time it’s very complex
to build it because all the watch is assembled, it’s screwed from inside so you can play with a lot of
elements and the first collection is called Uniformity because it’s a way to say this is the way the
foundation, the DNA we’re building on the watch.


Jewellery Theatre Elements

Blacksand: I was searching for a name, it was in February 2010, I was coming back from New
York, I never sleep in the plane, I was seeing movies for movies, and the last movie that was in the
plane was a movie called Ninja Assassin and in that part the guy sends I don’t know in French we
call it ___ when they used to open the envelope the sand used to come down, they used to have a
___ when I came back at the office I make some research and I saw that Blacksand was not taken
in the jewellery watch business, it’s the class 14 so I called the company that do the trademark and
I say please register that brand.

Jewellery Theatre Fairytales

Blacksand: When I say to people you know … Blacksand I told them consider that we are all
pregnant that in March we will give birth to the baby, this is where we are and then we have to
raise that baby, give him the culture, give him the essence, give him everything he needs to be
successful in the business.


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