Ultimate Cars, Watches & Hi Fi S03 ep8 : Andrea Tirrito, Tirrito Cars, [Italy]

Interview with Andrea Tirrito

Jewellery Theatre was established in Moscow in 1998. Everything started from an unexposed jewellery studio and after eleven years the company has indeed turned into an internationally rated trademark. However, to achieve this you will need a team of like-minded persons ? partners and employees, who would live the life of your brand 25 hours day and night. I was lucky since I always had such people around. Currently, our jewellery house has two brands. One of them, Jewellery Theatre, represents 12 permanent jewellery collections, while the other, Maxim Voznesensky, is a sort of emperor lodge of our ?theatre? and offers exclusive pieces in single copies only.


Tirrito: I can't explain the sensation that give me to produce car. It’s a strange emotion that I think
who doesn’t do it can't understand. It’s my life.

Tirrito: I born in the garage of my father that was a mechanic, I was eight years old I think to build
my home go cart and many crash, injuries, then I improve putting engine then I continue to modify
cars, existing cars, then but my mind was to build my own car.

Tirrito: I love Ayrton like driver and in the ’93 I met him and I said when I was bigger I will build
a car and I call the car with your name and he said okay I will come to watch the car. Then
unfortunately he’s dead but my realise that if I build a car I call the car Ayrton.

Tirrito: Twelve years old this year, it compared many, many sacrifice, no holiday, no time,
sometimes my girlfriend thinks I’m crazy because I woke up 3 o’clock in the night, I have idea, I
have idea, get down, work through the night and it’s a strange way to live.


Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio

Tirrito: For me is not work. When I’m in my garage to produce car, there isn’t a place where I
want to be if not there. I would stay there, I’m able to work two days without stop, 48 hours, if I
inspired I have an idea I work til when I finish the part.

Tirrito: The first car was I have to say that I copied many different cars but it doesn’t satisfy me. It
was good because it was a big experience to recognise where I get wrong, what is good, about six
years ago I said okay I have to follow my way, different car from every way and if you look at my
car, it’s completely different from the other cars.


Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio

Tirrito: To buy this car is to buy a part of my life, I sell you a sensation. It’s just for person that
want to be different. I build a car around you, for me it’s a sculpture, I’m a sculptor, I think it’s not
a car.

Tirrito: This car have the central console right from the Italian artist, very famous, that I contact
call her many times and she came one day to paint all the signs of the control.

Tirrito: I start from basic from BMW and then it’s the completely dismantled and I use different
pistons, different cams, I have 650 horsepower, the difference is where I have the horsepower.


Jewellery Theatre Elements

Tirrito: The only things that I buy is the gearbox. For me to drive a car is manual gearbox, this part
is Formula 1 then you start to understand nothing. You have to have something in your hand when
you drive.

Tirrito: I was the first in the world to put the exhaust out and now some other company copied my

Tirrito: Everything can inspire me a boat, a bird, a woman, then I start from them an I modify and I
don’t know how to say, when I have to build something my mind create the parts in my mind and I
just copy the design in my mind and I build the parts.

Jewellery Theatre Fairytales

Tirrito: I have a client that have 10,000 cars, they have for example Ferrari and they have the
building all the Ferrari red all the Ferrari white, all the Ferrari black and I was stunning. 2cm of
dust on the car have you never turned on the car, no, no, no I can't understand them.

Tirrito: When I drive this car I’m me and the car and it’s I can't explain the sensation that give me
to drive a car that I build. On was happened a few months ago that I was on the highway and one of
my car overtake me.


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