Ultimate Cars, Watches & Hi Fi S03 ep8 : Christos Hatzivasiliou, Med Undergarments, [Greece]

Interview with Christos Hatzivasiliou

Christos Hatzivasiliou MED is about the modern sophisticated icon of men and women It’s from Mediterranean and because I am Mediterranean guy and so it’s all about the passion and … we say of Mediterranean people. It’s all about outfit, fashion outfit that a girl can wear it in a club or at home at the same time that show has this new outfit with underwear and pleasure wear so I combine this.


MED: My line is about the modern sophisticated icon of men and women and I enjoy making this
outfit, underwear and swimwear, for people that they really like it themselves and they want to
have something special. MED is all about details, it’s a great fitting and modern shape and very
particular fabrics.

MED: It’s from Mediterranean because I am Mediterranean guy, and so it’s all about the passion
and the ___ we say of Mediterranean people.

MED: When I start off this it was ’92 with my brother Timmy, we had a vision of making a line
very elegant and very sophisticated that we couldn’t find underwear and swimwear of this style.

MED: It was really the beginning of underwear fashion. It wasn’t easy you know because of the
Greek crisis it was the time as well you know I was ready for this crisis because when I started it
was almost the same.

MED: It’s all about the body you know, you go really back in the Greek past, Greeks used to really
love our bodies and be very proud and keep our shape you know 1,000 years ago so it was
something like a vision about to do more things about that, to give you know something more.


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MED: I study in Florence when I was 17, the same time I was in the university in ___ my home
town, I was trying to give exams and take my diploma so I had a base but because I study design
but then I really love it so I try to do more things by myself and when I came back to Greece I try
to do something real special and start with my brother Timmy and make things you know in
underwear and swimwear.

MED: I tried to make underwear and lingerie more different, I use materials from other like shoes
accessories or I make of course I make I customise this for my label and for my designs but it was
very different materials than the other designers of underwear use to that time. I had metal
accessories or studs, kinky stuff yeah, I really started with kinky stuff, it was the beginning I did
something really different so wow what’s this you know, it was really successful in Germany,
Austria and this because people there they want, they like and of course it’s cold and they stay in
their houses during the winter, they used to have kinky underwear you know to have fun.

MED: It’s all about outfit, fashion outfit that a girl can wear it in a club or in home at the same
time that ___ has this new outfit with underwear and ___ so I combine this, it is very different the
result, you will see.


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MED: My mother is the financial director of the company so she is very happy about things, she
enjoys the work with her sons. I am the older, I’m two years older than Timmy. I think Timmy is
very successful businessman so he could do it another way as well, he could do something different
but he believe in me so he was always next to me.

MED: I do fashion as well, I do outfit, clothes as well now but it’s totally different, absolutely
different you know to make underwear and lingerie because it’s all about the fitting, it’s how
comfortable is lingerie and of course it’s fashion, you should make very special garments.

MED: Especially for women you should know how to give a shape to the breast so because it’s
every girl has different breast, cups, (did you do any research on it) of course (did you grab enough
women’s breasts) I can do it another way, I should do it so I did it. And I still do it.

MED: I was in Paris I participate in the exhibition __ in Paris in September and I saw my new
collection it was really nice I’m very happy about all this, the contacts and the client the new
clients I met there, and so it’s something that it’s international for me this style, it would be


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MED: It’s very difficult the way you approach underwear or swimwear, it’s swimwear because you
know because I’m Greek and I enjoy a lot sun the water and this during the summer and I have a
house in Mikanos and I am all the summer there so it’s I enjoy a lot swimwear and it’s I design this
only once per year, underwear it’s two times per year the collection I have two collections so
swimwear is very different and it’s very colourful, you can do more things, you can have more
different styles and use more, a lot of different materials and combine them. underwear and
lingerie is very different you should find more delicate fabrics.

MED: I think it comes from the personality of the woman this but yes there are lingerie that they
are very, very sexy and you know very rough, the talent of a designer should be like you know not
just the idea but to make it more sophisticated, to give this icon this style that it’s sexy but at the
same time it’s very elegant.

MED: I suppose I did things really sexy and rough but I enjoy the time and I want to do it you
know I had to do something really different and they had this very strong even my shootings my
photo shootings and then the fashion shows were different but I should do it because now I do
different style and it’s coming very natural this.

MED: Yes I have gay clients and I’m happy about this, gay people they like new things they try
they really like to try new things so I’m very happy to have gay clients.

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MED: The way I see gay people, gay guys, now they like this manly style, once upon a time it was
more feminine, they really thinks that they are a little bit retro even retro the style the cuttings and
all this, so it comes back again and so it’s the same style for gay and straight guys for me.

MED: My biggest market for the moment it’s the Greek market, we start to have clients all around
the world, we have orders for Miami, Paris, Los Angeles, Sydney.

MED: I remember a beautiful girl in a big club here in ___ in Athens and I said my God this outfit
is very familiar to me I think it was a nightdress and this girl was so beautiful and she put her MED
nightdress as a dress it was very light fabric very transparent and she wear it like you know to go
out to a club so it was very wow, my God, it was with the very short boxer you know and she was
amazing really.


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