Ultimate Cars, Watches & Hi Fi S04 ep10 : Beat Haldimann, Haldimann Watches, [Switzerland]

Interview with Beat Haldimann

Since 1642 Haldimann has been producing exclusively mechanical movements and watches in Switzerland to be delivered to their proud owners all over the world. A Haldimann philosophy and mentality has been cultivated over the centuries, in unison with the formation of Switzerland. Within this philosophy we distinguish twelve aspects that we have been cultivating in particular. These aspects are represented in our brand logo with its twelve phases of the moon.


14:59-15:12: Haldimann: { So how I see it is we reduce everything. For example by one Clock we have
300 parts and 270 of those parts we produce ourselves.

15:12-15:20: [Pause]

15:21-15:36: Haldimann: The reason why we build clocks is surely because its a delight for the man. It
is fascinating to build with so many parts in such a small chamber, just to create a little happiness for
some one.

15:37-15:44: [Pause]

15:44-16:04: Haldimann: When i was 14 or 15 years old, my grandfather send me to a store to buy a
magnifying glass. In this store he had also a clock studio. I was allways curious about what this man
created in his studio. I could see that he was creating something, but couldn't see what he was
creating.I was fascinated by it, it was something mysterious.

16:04-16:11: [Pause]

16:12-16:25: Haldimann: In Thurn, Solothurn is the best known school of watchmaking in the German
Swiss Area. One of the best of the world, but now they are located in Grenchen.


Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio

16:25-16:34: [Pause]

16:35-16:51: Haldimann: Since two year in a laboratory,were we made attemps and some
experiments. After that some years in a studio for restoration. Then I started for myself , my own
company where I made restorations and started to develop my own things.

16:51-17:00: [Pause]
17:00-17:21: Haldimann: Making restorations was the way for hunderts of years to learn what works
and what doesn't. Every catergory of clocks has his own charm, the older I got the more I noticed that
every catergory has his own charm. I find that important

17:21-17:28: [Pause]

17:28-17:41: Haldimann: It is always based on confidence, we have allways made contracts in
confidentialty. If you look very closely at our clocks then you might see where we have worked.

17:41-17:50: [Pause]


Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio

17:50-18:17: Haldimann: That was the year 1991 and the idea was building clocks which you normally
could not get. In that time mechanical clocks were not so common as nowadays. We have searched
and we found out that in 1642 there allready clocks of Haldemann existed.

18:17-18:27: [Pause]

18:27-18:41: Haldimann: That is the philosophy everything from the center, first it is aesthetic and
second constructive interesting, it is hard to make therefor hard to duplicate.
18:41-18:52: [Pause]


Jewellery Theatre Elements

18:52-19:18: Haldimann: It was an instruction of a client, if he was in a meeting or in the airport, he
came always without art. So we thought we build him some art for his arm, instead of looking for the
time he looked at a piece of art. People didnt see he was looking at the time and were not offended.

19:18-19:29: [Pause]

19:29-19:48: Haldimann: It was happines for the man, our clocks are made to spread happiness. Or a
woman more women like our clocks.

19:48- 19:57: [Pause]


Jewellery Theatre Fairytales

19:57-20:08: Haldimann: A client had send me a reaction, he looks oft at his watch but he doesn't
know what time it is. He looks at the movement of the interiour and that is not the right way. I will
have to explain him that.

20:08-20:33: [Pause]


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