Ultimate Cars, Watches & Hi Fi S04 ep10 : Josep Abril, Abril Fashion, [Spain]

Interview with Josep Abril

Born in Barcelona in 1962. He studies Fine Art. He studies Design and Fashion at the “Escola d’Arts i Tècniques de la Moda” (EATM) in Barcelona. He lives and works in Barcelona. He creates his own firm in 1996. JOSEP ABRIL is a collection for men. It is currently commercially available via showrooms and multi-brand outlets. He unveils his catwalk shows in Madrid and Barcelona from 2003 to 2009. He has been Creative Director for the “ARMAND BASI ONE HOME” collection, presented in Paris since 2007. In 2006 his “BESPOKE” project for made-to-measure tailoring sees the light of day. In 2007 he forms ABRIL STUDIO, a studio for creating fashion CONCEPTS and PROJECTS. He launches the line “UNIFORMED BY” of design uniformity. He creates the costumes for shows, theater and opera. He gives classes and workshops at different Design Schools: I.E.D., ESDI, ELISAVA and FELICIDAD DUCE. He operates as an external consultant and Art Director. In 1991 he wins the first GAUDÍ Prize for new designers. In 2004 he receives the GQ Award for best designer for men in the country. In 2008 he receives the “Barcelona es Moda” (Barcelona is fashion) accolade for the best professional.


08:04–08:19: Abril: Josep Abril first is my name, {chuckles} that means it’s my life, it’s me, that
means the collection is the representative of my life. My experience, my still of life…

08:19–08:30: [Pause]

08:30-08:56: Abril: I started with a sculpture. I study in Benos Artes and then I left … and I start
with a fashion … I don’t know exactly, it’s not an operation now. I work, work, work and one
day I say I’m looking back and say, “oh I’m a designer, making clothes but no…”

08:56–09:06: [Pause]

09:06-09:30: Abril: The scope of the Sculpture is more relatively cognitive you know, the clothes,
you have to wear clothes, it’s different. The Scuplture, you are outside, always, you see the
sculpture. You’re inside of the clothes, no? you are the volume, no? but clearly is similar
because you play with volume.

09:30–09:40: [Pause]

09:40–09:59: Abril: I started with fabrics, I worked with my father, my father was a seller for
masculine clothes. The fabric is very very important because you don’t change from the shape.

09:59–10:08: [Pause]


Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio

10:08–10:29: Abril: When you study clothes, fashion, you study marketing, different technical
fabrics, not a lot of difference and when I study a sculpture, don’t learn technical only art,
(inaudible) the story of art, no?

10:29-10:39: [Pause]

10:39-10:54: Abril: Some very practice, I like when you make some dresses to find someone
who like this and use it. Art you don’t use art because you put on the wall or on the table, no?
Am I very pragmatic?

10:54–11:03: [Pause]

11:03-11:29: Abril: … it’s more free when I do I sculpture, because I like to talk with people, my
customers and when we have feedback, someone tells me, I like this, no? or maybe someone
tell me, I like this bus is it possible to do bigger, and I think okay, this, no?

11:29–11:37: [Pause]

11:37-11:47: Abril: I have a woman’s customer, a woman client, I think always in the men.

11:47–11:56: [Pause]


Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio

11:56-12:18: Abril: I remember when I was 18, when I was young, the men’s wear really really
crazy, {Someone shout: Really?!} red, yea! In Spain the 80 was really really crazy. Then 90’s and
after peoplebecame more boring.

12:18-12:28: [Pause]

12:28-12:45: Abril: The Collection is an investigation about a shape. I move the patterns, I had
to transform the silhouette and became regular, became diagonal, symmetrical.
12:45-12:54: [Pause]


Jewellery Theatre Elements

12:54-13:14: Abril: Sometimes the Collection is very crazy, sometimes it has a very very heavy
concept, sometimes it only clothes. Sometimes the Collection starts blue, blue, dark, blue, light
and finish at the {inaudible} only blue…

13:14-13:22: [Pause]

13:22-13:43: Abril: I like to listen the men say, “Oh, I like this clothes” make me happy
{chuckles}. When they wake up in the morning they say, oh oh, I like to dress with, to feel a bit
different you know, special.

13:43-13:54: [Pause]


Jewellery Theatre Fairytales

13:54-14:07: Abril: I like to use the cotton, the wool, the linen, but I think really the future will
be technical with technical fabrics.

14:07-14:17: [Pause]

14:17-14:31: Abril: I’m happier to do things and working for people, not to make a fashion
show in Paris because I work with uniforms and make dresses for the Opera.

14:31–14:58: [Pause]


OFFICIAL WEBSITE: Josep Abril, Abril Fashion, Spain