Ultimate Cars, Watches & Hi Fi S04 ep10 : Pierre Jacques, De Bethune Watches, [Switzerland]

Interview with Pierre Jacques

In autumn 2012 De Bethune opened its first store in the world in Geneva “because we have to be solidly based where we come from, in Switzerland. For us it was important to percolate the image of De Bethune from Geneva.” But following up by opening boutiques around the world is not something that Pierre Jacques has in mind. “A Manufacture’s role is not to open shops in ever more markets, but to produce watches that are as beautiful as possible! For this, we give free rein to the imagination of David Zanetta. He is our creative spirit, our in-house artist.”


01:02-01:09: De Bethune: De Bethune is more than a brand, first of all, it’s product. It’s a 100
person manufacture.

01:09-01:16: [Pause]

01:16-01:39: De Bethune: It started in {spoke French} it was 2 crazy guys, they create a
company DeBethune, one is a watch maker is called Denis Flageollet and the other one the
shoulder and the designer of the brand called David Zanetta, who was a former watch collector.

01:39-01:46: [Pause]

01:47-02:10: De Bethune: I used to be a publisher, I was the publisher and owner of {spoke in
French} Magazine, I used to be the Managing Director of {speaks name of magazine in French}
it’s like (inaudible) of watch making industry for 2 years and so came from the retail part of the
business. I was running the Des Ambassador in Geneva for 1 year.

02:11-02:17: [Pause]


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02:17-02:35: De Bethune: When you’re a watch collector, somewhere whether in your mind to
wear your dream watch and it’s why with this company it’s always good to produce the watch
that you cannot find anywhere else.

02:35-02:42: [Pause]

02:43-03:28: De Bethune: It’s better a De Bethune Watch is completely handmade and we
produce more than 95% of gold components, in-house, this means we, of our own caliber in 10
years we produce, we create around 11 different caliber. We are also producing,
manufacturing, gold iron, so very rare for a manufacture and even, we are producing our own
arote, own balance wheel, own spring called De Bethune, no? But we finish watch making in

03:29-03:36: [Pause]

03:36-03:49: De Bethune: Before Mr. Zanetta connects a dealer and an advisor for collectors, he
really huge knowledge about watches in his career of watch making.

03:49-03:58: [Pause]

03:58-04:23: De Bethume: He starts with really classical watch but Mr. Zanetta is one person to
never satisfy, like an artist. He always wants to go own way and when he just creates a watch,
he’s already thinking about the next one revolution and the first pieces to the actual collection
you can really see and follow the evolution.

04:23–04:32: [Pause]


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04:32-05:00: De Bethune: Denis Flageollet is one of the most talented watch makers in the
watch industry. He used to work for THA before, it was a company who was creating amazing
watch for Cartier, Revier, Sampatig and when he left this company was to create De Bethune.

05:00–05:09: [Pause]

05:09–05:28: De Bethune: They know each other, so many times used to walk in THA they used
to collaborate together when David creates a design Denis Flageollet already know the way he’s
gonna make it, like an old couple

05:28–05:38: [Pause]


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05:38-06:05: De Bethune: We have a real classical line, it’s called DB25, in which we have
colander, watch with a straight and moon face, real classical dial. We have a more elegant line,
it’s called DB28, we use titanium, floating lugs, flame, a blue heat titanium

06:05-06:15: [Pause]

06:15–06:26: De Bethune: For the next two years, yes it our plan to manufacture only 2050
watches a year. In the company, we are around 45 people.

06:26–06:34: [Pause]


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06:34-07:01: De Bethune: The Spirit of De Bethune is the art of watchmaking in the 21st century.
Everything was already did but now we want to use new material, new technology to continue
to create real watches and I think the technology and the new material can help the industry
and ofcourse create the most exquisite and amazing watches.

07:01–07:10: [Pause]

07:10-07:26: De Bethune: We start around 33 thousand US dollar most of the watches are
around 80 to 90 thousand US dollar, even maybe 25 to around 225 thousand US dollar.

07:26–08:04: [Pause]


OFFICIAL WEBSITE: Pierre Jacques, De Berthune Watches, Switzerland