Ultimate Cars, Watches & Hi Fi S04 ep11 : YIORGOS ELEFTHERIADIS [ Athens ]

Interview with Yiorgos Elefteriadis

One of Greece's leading designers with followings in Paris and London, each of Eleftheriadis' collections is characterised by an experimentation in texture, shape and form.


Giorgos Elefteriadis is a person like everyone. I live in the city that I was born. I’m a person that I have a good life because I’m
working with the things that I love.

What you do in your life is something between you choose and they choose you. For me it was a need, I like to express myself
from a young boy very artistic. I was drawing, I liked the fabrics.


Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio

My family they loved clothes. And I was the next people they love to dress up. While they were traveling a lot, my mother and
father they were very modern. My mother, she loved Celoramsie dress with Thierry Muglar . The way that they proceed with
their lives, the fashion was very next to them.

From 18 they knew that I was very interested about the fashion. 20 to 21 I started with my uncle was a very famous 50s and 60s
Haute Couturier and he was the first that start a fashion school in Greece. I stayed with him for one year and he was trying to
make me understand about the techniques and after I went to Paris Parsons School in 83 – 85.


Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio

And my uncle was 72. But all the things I would remember, I was standing for five hours a day and I was watching the way he
worked with the textile and how they make the seams, the forms, how they work with the mannequinsto prepare the draping,
or to make up the tailoring.

In Paris it was totally different because it was more creative. In Parsons I was very happy because there I was working with the
things that I liked.


Jewellery Theatre Elements

When they asked me what do you think or tell me what you have in your mind when you working this? I said “I try to work with
the way that I feel”. It’s a period. For me it’s not important to analyze why I am thinking.

We work with made-to-measure things but not many. I don’t feel that my work is to dress one person. My work is to make
concept collections and the people choose on to try to find the things that they like.


Jewellery Theatre Fairytales

The way that I start to work is an idea. The idea never comes from the history or from a movie; the most of the time it is a
situation. It’s a way or a need that I have because I feel that I’m a part of the people that they feel the same way. I start to work
with this. I tried to find the color, the composition, the fabrics, the detailing. And we work like people that we are the visionary
for our days. That’s why in my collection you neverunderstand the past. Because I don’t like my reference to come from other
decades, I prefer to look to the future and now.

I think that the fashion is more realistic. It’s created with the same time, we can understand the need. It’s something that you
can see in the collection of the Greek designers. Often it’s the way that we work with the color or with the fabric; plain and they
are not sexy with a way that the Italian. It’s more normal, it’s more elegant, it’s more easy-going.

We are Mediterranean’s, we are close to the Spanish or to the Italians. But I think we have something totally different that for
sure we need time to make them understand. Because it’s different to see one designer and to see a thing.

When you stop and realize that you work with a business that gives you the opportunity to express yourself, to play with
yourself, to play with the others. I never think that’s it so boring or I repeat myself or what I do next. It’s fantastic.


OFFICIAL WEBSITE: Yiorgos Elefteriadis