Ultimate Cars, Watches & Hi Fi S04 ep12 : ISIS SPORSTCARS [ Holland ]

Interview with Anton Nunen

ISIS cars is a sports cars specialist with more than 25 years of UK and Dutch experience in the automotive field, varying from restorations of classic Lotus and Mercedes models to preparation of racing cars such as Ferrari F40LM, Lotus Elise GT1V8 and the like. The experience of ISIScars, however, goes much further: come and see it at Top Marques Monaco .


It is a car which is exactly street legal and nothing more than that. It is a racing car but you can go on the road. There’s no
electronics in it, you’re on your own. When you’re behind a normal wheel, it comes back to you and only you.

I’m from Holland and Seca the sports car producer is also in Holland, located in Holland. The chassis is made in China in our own
factory. There the racing cars are produced and I am head of Isis which makes a modified model of the Seca sports car and is
called Isis. That’s my company and we make it totally accustomed to the client. I mean it’s how do you call it in English; it’s
tailored made.


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We design it in Holland. We make all the calculations in Holland and then we went to China and we get some very inaudible
[02:01] engineers. Ad we managed to get a factory over there which is totally dedicated to producing this kind of chassis.

It’s an aluminum construction and then fiber glass body on it.


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I’m an economist and after 30 years of experience I thought well there’s something else in the world which is kind of nice and
that is cars, and I like fast cars. And I like cars in which you are alone, on your own. I mean today if you get a car a Lamborghini
or whatever and you push the button, okay to bring you to Tokyo. Here it is, you jump in and you have to do it yourself. I guess
the French would say something foreign language [02:51]. You like speed, their speed on two wheels and speed on four wheels. I
will try to speed on four wheels.

I did some racing before I went to the University. After that I had no money and now I have some money to put a car on the
road, which is quite extraordinary, which has characteristics that really no other car has. I’d like to do something before I go. I
mean you would have to leave a print and my print would be a fast car.


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Five years ago I was on the track and I drove a Saker sports car. It has been the fastest thing in New Zealand by a guy named
Turnbeau [03:41] and this was quite an extraordinary car. And that I said is a good base for having a car which is good enough
for the track but also street legal. And it cost me five years but now it’s there and it does exactly what I would like to do.

The Saker sports car that arrived from Turnbeau, they produce the cars also there in China for the track. I told him it would be
good to have a street legal car. It’s not only about racing, you should try to get another market as well. Let me do the job, I will
try to get a car street legal and maybe that’s also an economic way of having two ways of producing cars. Well they went along
with me, reluctantly I must say. It is very hardfor them, to convince them that they should have two lines. One line is the sports
cars for the track and the other line is the car for the road.


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Of course you have to adapt some things in order to get the street legal. Also I would say, well people who. It’s a rather big
amount of money that you have to pay for this kind of car and I guess want to have a personalized car. That’s what we do, we
do exactly what the customer wants. He can have any color of course, any engine, any gearbox, paddle shift or whatever is

For 90,000 Euros you get a street legal version where you can really go shopping if you like, but also you can go on the track and
be very fast. Of course when you have a b-sport version with special leather or wood or whatever or special gear boxes prices go
up. But let’s say around between 100,000 and 150,000 to have any kind of car that you would like, in every kind of color and any
kind of leather that you would.

The cheapest version is a Subaru. We chose a Subaru because it has a low weight. It’s a very low engine. It is very reliable. We
tested it on the track for almost 6 years now and it is doing a beautiful job. We preferred the four cylinder turbo. But in fact if
you would like to have a six cylinder3 L that’s fine. In fact we are now thinking about a second car which will also have an engine
of a V8. With, I would say all the horsepower that you would prefer, that you would like, everything is possible nowadays.

This will give you the same experience only for let’s say a third of the price. It will give you exactly the same experience. It is a
very fast car. And everybody is invited to try it on the road here in Monaco.

You need to be an experienced driver in order to get not only this car running but especially enjoying it. You really need some

But it is a b-sport car. It requires intense discussion with the client and then of course a special production process only one by
one, that cost is high. But we are very happy to do it.

In fact that this is the first test for us as Isis factory to show the public that we have a car, so this is the first thing that we do.
You need quite a lot of preparation I would say but it’s fun. We really are proud of this car.