Ultimate Cars, Watches & Hi Fi S04 ep13 : Genty Sportscars

Interview with Louis Beau

Being a French supercar isn’t an easy task when you’re attempting to follow in the massive wake of the once-in-a-lifetime Bugatti Veyron. The Genty Akylone is the latest creation aiming to have a crack at it. The mid/rear-engined supercar is powered by a twin-turbocharged 4.8-litre V8 with in excess of 745kW of power and 1270Nm of torque


Genty sports car is a company started by Frederick Genty about six years ago to make true one of his passion; sportscar. So he
started that basically in his garage. Hopefully he would be as successful as Applewas when started from a garage.

Since he was a kid he had pictures of cars everywhere in the house. So really cars were his stuff.


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He has a very strong background in composite manufacturing. So that’s why the car is totally made out of carbon fiber.

Genty automobile is based in the center of France in Vichy. And Vichy is very close from Clermont-Ferrand where Michelin has
it’s headquarter. So it has been a big help for us to deal with Michelin for the tires and all the testing.


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There is a car design school called Sbarro from a very big designer in Switzerland. And most of the people come from this
Sbarroschool. Mr. Sbarro is Swiss but the school itself is in Contarier [10:19]

He was in contact with the school because he was dealing with them, explaining a few things and looking for talented people.
And that’s how he recruited basically most of the people at Sbarro.


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He found one of the stylist. He found one of the guys that have been doing some suspensions. He found a few people who had
complimentary talents and could build together the team that is the real team today.

As we don’t have today a real model, everything was done using simulation software. Everybody today does that before building
the real car.


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That’s the first time at top mark that we present something that is not just a picture or a video. We present real 3-D models
both capture customers, convert some of the prospects who said “okay you have nice pitches but we want to see something
real”. And now we have the model so people are really enthusiastic about it. So we think a few of them will really become either
customers or partners and investors.

We have all of this simulation that we have done for aerodynamics, for crash test, for suspension testing and all these stuff.

The base engine is based on a Mercedes-Benz engine. But it has been totally revamped and tuned to satisfy our own needs by a
German company. 9FF they are called. They are more specialized on Porsche engines but they also do some of the Mercedes-
Benz engines.

The positioning is very simple. It will be a very very lightweight car, very robust and extremely powerful. That’s why it’s all
carbon fiber basically from A to Z.The frame of course has ceramics like everybody. But most of the chassis on our competitors
uses aluminum. And aluminum though it’s a very light metal, it’s still heavier than carbon fiber. So that’s why we move more
and more to carbon fiber and the whole chassis is in carbon fiber.

The customer base that you address is not you and me probably. It’s the geeks of the car. They want the most powerful car on
the market and they want something that is unique. And every single car that we will produce will be totally unique.

All the 3-D images and video that you can see have been developed by my son. My background is computers and IT so my son
convinced me to join the team. I’m very happy to work with Genty and the other people on this project.

In this adventure of trying to find at the last minute a company that would be able to produce the models. We had partnered
inaudible [14:15]and for technical reasons they could not do it and so basically three weeks before the show we had to find a
solution. And we found a solution.


OFFICIAL WEBSITE: Genty Sportscars