Ultimate Cars, Watches & Hi Fi S04 ep13 : Miki Eleta [ Zurich ]

Interview with Miki Eleta

Miki Eleta was born in 1950 in Visegrad (Bosnia and Herzegovina). He has lived in Switzerland since 1973. Starting in 1996, he has mainly worked on kinetic art and clock building (exhibitions, various commissions for interior rooms and exterior areas). Since 2004 he has mainly concentrated on private orders and exhibitions relating to clockmaking..


Here in Basel, I am Artist some one who creates Clocks. I am a producer of clocks and present my own creation of

I find producing clocks fascinating, it is great to create a clock out of a piece of metal, a piece of steel. I really like to see
how to create with your mind a piece, see what the possibilities are.


Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio

We started to make clocks ten years ago. Since 1996 I started to build kinetic Clocks, that was like art where everything
in the clock moved. Some day at an exhibition in Zurich, I tried to explain a visitor of the exhibition a machine wich in
his eyes displays chaos. But he did not understand what i tried to explain.

He said to me: stop trying explaining this, you just not able to work accurate. To prove to him that i could work
accurate I build a clock. And so i built 24 clocks and this is the last one I build.


This clock is a different one, they are all different, none of them are the same. That is because I have 1000 Ideas and
that is why I create everytime another one.


Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio

The clock, in the kinetic Art I am free to do what ever I want. The moves I create in the way I like it. The machine even
start to work on his own etc etc..Here I have to be carefull due to the law. By law a second has to be a second, a
minute a minute and a hour an hour. That means I have to work very accurate and have to obey the law, wich I do not
mind. But I am an Artist in the kinetic clockworld, so I build the clocks as I think the clock should be.


That is because I am Miki Eleta and Miki Eleta loves to build clocks which is art. Because I am an Artist I build an Art


Jewellery Theatre Elements

I am not from Germany, I am from Yugoslavia (bosnia herzegovina) but I live since 1973 in Switserland.(Zurich)

Just a little story: I was 6 years old as I heard the flamingo sound for the first time.I was fascinated by that and I have
practised to play the guitar till my 23 years of age. At 23 I went to Switzerland to try to make money with playing my
guitar.I stayed in Switserland and bought a new guitar. Eventually I went to Andalusia and played there the flamenco
sound. The reason I came to Switzerland was the guitar and the music: Flamenco music


Jewellery Theatre Fairytales

I did that a long time even with dancers, but i stopped five years ago. Now I concentrate myself on the Art and play for

All my objects have music in it; I have for instance a world clock created with music in it, That is my invention. The
clock plays every hour for 15 seconds a melody and this melody changes for a couple of hunderd years. The clock
never plays the same music. That is in the clock itself, because I create everything myself the clock the music. The clock
calculates that by itself, it tells a story when you look at my clock.

A well known Art historian looked at my art and said: You are a lightweight Michelango, You understand what that
means? Yes yes..that was funny. Comparing me with Michelango that is not correct. I can't paint and Michelango can't
play the Flamenco hahah