Ultimate Cars, Watches & Hi Fi S04 ep14 : Dimitris Korres, korres Sportscar, [Greece]

Interview with Dimitris Korres

Maybe it's because the Korres' engine is the same 7.0-liter V8 out of a Chevrolet Corvette Z06, but I definitely get the sense designer Dimitris Korres – a Greek architect who thinks his country should have a supercar – here was channeling something like a C3 'Vette. It's not exactly modern-looking, but I guess it's classically aggressive


I studied architect. I did some works as an architect, like participation in Biennale of Venice.
But was able to design things you never see, things to be built. As engineers we design
something today, after a few days, after one year you can see, you can see up but a few,

My father was an engineer and when he was very young, we waited my father to go to for the
job and to go secretly to take his students and to play. I had the best toys in the district. 01:39

I start to, with the sewing machines. I start to repair in the Naples. In every piece, you see the
work of someone who found the solution and for, any machine; every piece has this work

I start this in a private school, which makes preparation for University. At age
sixteen,seventeen. It was very small school, but we had very, very good teachers and we learn
grass Geometry and simple Physic.02:29


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I did only Geometry, nothing else, because Physic is also a part of Geometry, as is the light, as
is the sound, as is the radiation x-rays, everything. If you base it on the Geometry, you can make
from many solutions for when applications of the technology. 03:01

When I was finish, I worked repairing motorcycles, I work in furniture workshops and
everything was hand, technically, because I design very, very easily.03:24

If you watch anulmassy and all the mechanics are clear, are complicate, but clear and this guy
will make now, is basic on technology of fabrics or something like that. It was possible to make
a car like that with knowledge in 1920. 03:53

Now we have the opportunity to make a gear box and drive train, made with the best, has only
10% missing power, using old technology, nothing new, nothing, ok new look for the furniture
because you use computers to design, we use the machines to cut our parts, ok we use lasers and
everything, If we haven't this equipment, it was impossible to make this car.04:26

About twelve years ago, when I tried geometrically or physically to find the solution, begin a
wheel, at hand wheel and the something like a door, how this will close this door. I found the
solution; I make that for myself, a car of 1000CC. They sold that from the company was a better
to increase of money, so they give us money to start to make a car with this idea.05:04


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I come, a lot of people for money and things like that, but we have to finish our job first and
after discuss before anything else,we have to wait, after this we have some other things to do,
design more useful. 05:26

The engine is a GM, assembling this from Canada. It is a very, very old design and it is very
fast, very strong and comfortable, very simple, very cheap, very reliable and very small and
very light. It's still now is one of the best things on the planet.05:52

We have from the type ranging from Nissan 350Z, the 6, but the electronics of the engine was
connected even with the electrics of the mirror or of the door, so.06:15

We have been in exhibition in and we found that in the middle of nowhere. Just a pull with an
engine on the top and that is for sale, we didn't know what this engine was. Looks more, looks 2
or 3000CC. 06:44


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It doesn't matter where you are. Through internet it is possible to connect with any factory on
the planet, to send drawings, if they see that the drawings we send are finish, they start to have
interest and they ask of you and we start collaboration and slowly, slowly, we make everything,
you can make everything from everywhere.07:15

We found very fast, the solution with the suspension with very high class performance to the
other, to the timer, to everywhere, all of them, with high, high performance.After that or we
think that it was necessary to design this guideline, all because we didn't find on the market any
gearbox to carve it, all those performance. So we spent two years to design this into. We
thought it would be very simpler to design, Bucherer, but that was the most difficult because if
you want to have a car to climb, it's impossible to have a big face, so there, goes under the car,
so after 250km, you start to have lift and most of the drive is quite hard, we have a collaboration
with a company in England and make the dynamics for F1 is totally simple and we send about
five, six times, drawings and they sent back all the designs where they goes out, where we have
lift.After that, when the standard was possible to find the design to carve everything. 08:44

The lift of the car from both wheel to the timer could, the distance was about half meter and we
think to sell the car with limit of 4200km, and to give to the clients a special part for the front
only, to give them possibility to go 320. 09:16

We are waiting to buy this from America. They have a company, very Swedish company,
Cheam. They make covers, aluminum, handmade and they come to discuss exactly this, how to
organize the production, they have the clients,they have, we have clients also. There is a big
market in Russia, Norway, in Middle East. We think that that the price should be something like
230,000 US.09:56


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This was a poor country, many years we know that. Through the battle of the 50's,start to be
very communistic, other than to control. Normally goes for big sell in the beginning of 90's. But
something happen accidentally. The Europe start to be together, they take us with them, they
give us lot of money, the people start here to be crazy, start to spend the money buy big cars,
everything and that finished.10:42

I have a funny story, when I have sent my motorcycle in the National exhibition because the
ladies like that. So this point, they say through this point, it's impossible to take approval for the
road legal use. I explain to them that there is not something for the ladies, escalto, express
theoretically lesson between human beings and motorcyclists. How was exactly my first
sculpting because I worked as sculptor also? So after many answers like that I think to say to
them that, what you say to them is wrong, because that man police,or to have peace for the next
year. Like ladies, like that, on the road with policeman and they believe it. And there was a very
young German guy, fell down, laugh and after that he say to me, "now I understand why we
write on the walls with spray, foreigners don't go, don't leave us with the Germans.12:04


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