Ultimate Cars, Watches & Hi Fi S04 ep14 : Sascha Moeri, Carl Bucherer Watches, [Switzerland]

Interview with Sascha Moeri

Carl F. Bucherer dates back to 1888, where an ambitious young man, a pioneer, opened up his first retail shop in Lucerne, selling watches and jewelry. He was so successful that he decided to start his own watch company, Bucherer Watches. They did well through the 20th century but were only sold in Bucherer stores. In 2001 the third generation owner of Bucherer decided to go international, changing the name of the brand from Bucherer to Carl F. Bucherer to honor his grandfather. It’s a brand with a huge tradition and history though it is quite new from an international market standpoint.


Carl F Bucherer is a brand which is 125 years old and the company still owned in the Bucherer
family today, the third generation is in the lead, namely Mr.Uer Bucherer, it's always have been
based in Lausanne.12:47

Carl Frederick he opened up a retail store and then he immediately started to create his own
jewelry together with his wife. Carl Frederick had two sons and one of the sons was a
watchmaker and the other, gemologist and in 1990, already, the first Bucherewatches belongs to
their own store.13:16

I was raised and I was born in a city called Biel. It's like the heart of watch making in
Switzerland. So all my family members are working as a watchmakers or for other watch brands
or as suppliers and I got in , the early 90's to this watch group, where I started my career in the
watch industry.13:46

I was employed as a junior accountant; you know I was twenty-two, twenty-three years old. So I
was working in the finance department. My boss at that time was Yann Gannard or Peter
Peterson, so of course I had other bosses than Mr Heyk. He had a lot of things to do, but my
experience I had with him, we had at the entrance, at the headquarters, we had like a boutique, a
shop, where we employers could buy shirts,trousers,every named watch. So I was shopping
there, came out of the store and he was there and I was so nervous,you know, so I try to hide me
in the store and he said,"gentleman please come to me." So I went to him and I was really very
nervous, because big Mr.Hyack, who are you, what is your name? My name is Smore, "Oh you
work in the finance department, you're working on the credit control management project.
That's amazing, that's a good project,, just go on, I would like to do this and that as well, but it
was so inspiring. This man who leads such a big group knows what I am doing; he knows what
kind of project I'm working on. 14:57


Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio

I did my studies also in the US. I did my MBA at CrestedUniversity of New York, in Oberlin
and I had lost eight years before training College in 2010 and I was working for Hong Kong
Chinese Company, (Chow Tai Fuk) and I think that was so very important because I think you
need to learn the different cultures and you cannot learn this in reading books. Really leads to
experience, as I had eight years, Chinese owners, I could learn alot.15:34.

If you grow up in Switzerland, it's like heaven; it's paradise and in China at that time, you
know,2000,2002, it still was different in many, many cities. What I really learnt is to take really
care of the money, for those money of the company and to make very smart investments and I
think this was an amazing school.And of course, also, how you treat your enemies. Enemies or
you say competitors, but the Chinese say enemies. 16:11

There is a book which I highly really recommend; it's called the thirty-six strategy of the
Chinese war. Of course, it's not war, but you need to read this book to really understand
sometimes also, to see how they think.16:30


Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio

I had been contacted by the head Hunter, I was not sure if I wanted to take the job, but I
thought,ok, let's go,see your market and everything and at the beginning they had many, many
candidates and it was twelve of us and wed had to do some assessment, chronological things and
everything,then there were six of us. When we were at the last three we had the opportunity to
meet Mr.Eurand from that moment on, I knew,ok, I want this job. Until that moment I was not
really convinced.17:08

For all of my major task they have given me to go international with that, because PaulePuper
has four pillars of success. One, success, one pillar is have our own inhouse movements, we
produce our own inhouse and very elaborate movement, very famous and wellknown to eight
want house with room to figure out the movement. On the other hand, we have a pillar like ,
since 125 years we are working with the most precious materials, stones, diamonds and in the
middle we have two other very important pillars. One is the Buckerer legacy, one I told you
only three generations, independent. You know a real story and of course, fourth and last pillar
of course, the pillar itself. So in 2009, we were selling as most would imagine, 6000 pieces
worldwide, today is 20,000. So we more than tripled in three years and we will go on like this
today, we already have 350 point of sales and we're working in 30 markets, in six markets, i
would say most important ones. China, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, Germany, Europe and
United Stakes, we have our own affiliates. 18:24


Jewellery Theatre Elements

I think it's an advantage, being at the bend, you've seen it already, you are now a few minutes,
on our stand, on our pavilion. It's not the company, it's the family. Of course there's a chief,
middle management, we even have people that bring us drinks here and the service, it's one
family, you have the spirit you know and this spirit is also something our customers, they


Jewellery Theatre Fairytales

Schwarzenegger was the first one who had a Carl Bucherer. It's a long story from the rest of
Schwarzenegger, that' why he also has a safety, but I met him and went skiing with his nephew
in Sun valley and then he entered the store and he said to the store manager," look at my
Bucherer and as I mentioned before, the retail manager said, that's a lot of brand, I don't know
it. So his nephew called me, they don't know your brand, you need to come here and talk to
them. Thank you for your phone call, but I'm in Asia right now, but I will send you my sales
code, but my sales staff, in US, Jim Joey, he went there and good thing he's in Sun Valley for
the next season, because he had the watch and because the governor said that's a good brand.


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