Ultimate Cars, Watches & Hi Fi S04 ep15 : Alexis Reyna, Reyna Fashion, [Spain]

Interview with Alexis Reyna

Barcelona born, Alexis Reyna has been enormously influenced by the artistic professions of his parents. This, along with his discovery of the erotic film Emmanuelle was to bring about the flourishing of his love for art. This interest never waned during his time as a student at the French Lycée in Barcelona, nor during his stay in Paris where he composed several poems and musical pieces. In 1995, he began studying Economics at Barcelona University, it was during this time that a lover 20 years older than him allowed him to discover the world of fashion. Following a self-taught training period, he had the chance to work for Stylemode in Barcelona as well as for other brands as a designer. Very soon he created his first collections and worked alongside J. Lindeberg, Filippa K and later with M.I.A. After an untypically rich stint, he studied an MA at Central Saint Martins and worked in Asia for three years. Winner of the Fall/Winter 2012 Best Collection at Barcelona Fashion Week. Alexis Reyna has established himself in Barcelona from 2008 onwards. His latest collection, ‘The Country Code’, unveiled at the last Barcelona Fashion Week in January can be found at TOTEM, an international agency based in Paris


It's a persona, that islike part of a mixture of my experiences and my fantasies. I think that
there is a lot of like surrealism in terms of like, it's not really like, I mean it's beautiful to
project certain things that you wouldn't do in a normal way and you can like, put in a white
canvas, long time ago, everything you want to like project, like fantasies, you know, dreams.

Well it wasn't really like an accidental thing, but I mean I wouldn't say it just happen. I mean
it's curious as well. My father worked in the fashion industry in Madrid and in Paris, more in the
technical part though. He was a painter and sort of illustrator and just happened that I was by
chance I was in a fashion show and you know, it seem to me the right way. I liked the visual
part of it and it combines music and it's very like the pace of this two seasons, it's good, I could
see myself making like long film projects like when people talk about like four years, you
know, production.11:05

He never really encouraged me actually, because he worked first of all, like more in the textile
industry than the fashion industry. He was alot of time away, I didn't like,have amazing memory
of that so he try actually tokind of discourage me.11:35


Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio

I did kind of like self-talk process, like I kind of got advice that it was really good, at some
point to like maybe, go straight ahead into like the crafting to and doing internships and
working for tailoring, hoteliers and then I get like the formal part,more like , you know,the
knowledge of the fashion, I could like maybe learn it more or maybe I wouldn't need the

It's an ongoing process, you never like, stop learning and that's a thing that I keep doing and I've
been managing myself to like be able to like, absorb everything. I did other jobs so and I'm
really happy with fashion, how to say, it's the only thing that keeps me, you know, it sounds a
bit like cliché,or, but not alive, but you know, I really, you know, put everything and I think
that I've been lucky to get things back to the sacrifice, if I put it up so, I'm kind of like a fighter,
that you know, you struggle,you shed tears and pain and blood, but you win, you win fights, so
that kind of rewards the painful job.13:09

I do work in the fashion like teaching industry and I believe like when i was like half way of my
self -tuition, there was a point where I thought it was like not good. I mean the beginning, I was
very sure about it, then like half way, I was like, hmm and then I really think it has allowed me
to have a different point of view and not be so dogmatic like everyone else through pathways,
so yea, in my case, I think depends on your nature as well. 13:48


Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio

Well, in China I worked for fashion companies like Garments suppliers and mass production. I
was there in 2004, in Beijing and 2007. It's an economy reason I guess, in the , you know, a big
player in past centuries that has woken up or is back on the game, on the global game at all
levels and such a huge country with huge cultural history and background. It's not about, like

I had a wonderful time and everything, but I don't see myself like back there, I only think like
the market is really like what the market is looking for.14:56

When you are based in Barcelona, you need a lot of muscle to be competing in the stage in Paris
or New York. I don't have that muscle right now. I want to do things properly, like step by step
and do the right way. I'm very like ambitious and I like to do, like things the best I can.So I
don't want to do like any false move and not make it the right way.15:36


Jewellery Theatre Elements

It's good to have the right point of view, to like, not like be, like kind of like, providing say that
everything that is abroad is better, but it's also good to like be honest and say well I, there's the
MBA of fashion, for example Paris. I mean it's obviously the best over there. We cannot be like
pretentious and think oh here it's, you know, like we have the most amazing stars, you know, I
think it's ridiculous.16:14



Jewellery Theatre Fairytales

I was a, that's my music by the way. Well I was requested to do a speech in a 200 city, 200km
city out of Beijing, that a bunch of millionaires,it would be like a whole compound , covering
the streets of Province in Paris and there was like this local lady that did a fashion show and had
to talk about fashion from Paris there, so that was kind of hilarious.16:54


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