Ultimate Cars, Watches & Hi Fi S04 ep15 : Laurent & Julien LeCamp, Cyrus Watches, [Switzerland]

Interview with Laurent & Julien LeCamp

Cyrus is forging its own path by the founding cousins Laurent and Julien Lecamp. In 2010, they jointly launched this contemporary brand that is nonetheless rooted in Antiquity. In doing so, they opted to develop modern timepieces inspired by the traditional principles of Swiss watchmaking. They created models bearing a powerful aesthetic signature yet concealing a number of secrets visible only to the eye of their owner. Finally, the brand initially presented its most affordable and most high-end models, before inserting an intermediate collection between these two echelons.


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Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio



Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio



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Jewellery Theatre Fairytales



OFFICIAL WEBSITE: Laurent & Julien LeCamp, Cyrus Watches, Switzerland