Ultimate Cars, Watches & Hi Fi S04 ep15 : Philip Klingeberg, Century Watches, [Switzerland]

Interview with Philip Klingeberg

Hans U. Klingenberg harboured a vision of creating a truly exceptional watch, thus laying the foundations for the present-day CENTURY sapphire collection. He dreamed of creating a timepiece that would unite eternal beauty and a technically perfect construction in total harmony. In 1959, he developed a brilliant invention based on the principle of creating a vacuum to ensure a totally water-, air- and dust-tight seal. This exclusive system lies at the heart of many designs and has been the object of numerous patents registered by CENTURY. He invented two unique construction systems, “Megalith” and “Monolith”, for producing scratch-proof sapphire cases, and combined these with the exclusive sealing system he had developed several years earlier. These two innovative constructions systems were patented worldwide and are used to this day in our workshops.


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