Ultimate Cars, Watches & Hi Fi S04 ep17 : Asger Juel Larsen, Larsen Fashion, [Denmark]

Interview with Asger Juel Larsen

Asger Juel Larsen is a designer that marks and merits the adventurous and rule breaking reinvention of modern menswear. Hailing from Denmark but truely establishing his art in the UK, Asger graduated 'top of the class' at the London College of Fashion in 2009 with a BA Menswear Degree, Asger has since then conquered the masters at the same institution. His aesthetics have been consistently evolving during the academic time frame, illustrating ambition and flare in the imagination. And with placements alongside John Richmond and Burberry Prorsum included in the tapestry of his background, the platform and landscape for Asger's future collections is bright. His designs are an intoxicating medley of the past and future, taking inspiration from historical events and fusing it into a futuristic sci-fi sphere. The clash of textures play with ideas of masculine strength and vulnerability. Asger's aesthetics are both industrial and romantic, taking the gothic and androgynous to new levels of sophistication and depth."


Now the story was like basically, it started like French legends in uniforms in details, in
anything from like pocketing to like you know, shape as well and then you know I push it
forward to like become like something topic and you know, I always mix up two things like
something very hardcore, depths, and something romantic. 08:28

So I'm not an artist, I'm a designer and I enjoy this, but there's a massive difference between
like an artist doing sculptors, they are the real artists, like a fashion designer is just like a
clothing designer and as soon as I've shown, now it's commercialized, it's like anything else.

I studied five years in London. I did my BA at London College of Fashion and my MA at
London College of Fashion as well, so I actually showed this collection at London Fashion
Week like a month ago, been showing there, four times now. 09:14

The best fashion schools in the world, I think is in London, you know, you come there for
studying and then you stay for a bed and now then you move on. Like now I'm here and I think
I'm going to be moving to Berlin like in a couple months. It's not because like it's going to do
any effort from me like fashion wise. Like It's just like the advertisements, like the people very
relaxed, you know, high life quality, all these kind of things, you don't have in London, for
example, everything there is expensive there and stuff ,so it's actually quite the opposite of what
London is explaining it.09:52



Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio

My mom was doing knitting at home, hand knitting at home and then she taught me like after
school, but I was doing, I was skateboarding a lot. I couldn't tell anyone, it was like, it was more
like a secret to me, now for covering and more for countryside. So it started slowly back then
but I didn't realize and then in a masculine area, like an atmosphere, you don't come off of that
after you like, come out of high school, maybe then you decide I can actually do this. But a guy
like me, if I don't have to get a kick in the butt like, before you have to get told you can actually
do it before you do it. Otherwise you'll never believe in yourself. 10:27

I like the masculinity, but like everything I do, it's very serious. My research, my starting,
everything is very serious, but as far, you always have to have sarcasm, you have to add humor
to it. You know, like if it gets too serious then, you become like one of all the other vendors
and which think this is like actually going to change the world, it's not. Fashion is not going to
change the world, but it's going to change your mind set in the morning for example,when you
take down clothes, you know, that's why fashion is interesting. 11:02

I definitely like the whole thing about orders, military like structure and strategies like for
example, now I like, I want all the models too look like clowns, like robots, almost like they've
been in a Sci-Fi war. You know, French legends press forward to 2025 or something and but,
like a rock structure and like a guy with like a torso coming out, like with this back up and you
know, looking great like a take his smack up when he speaks, stuff like that. 11:33


Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio

Now the Viking and the structure is in my heritage, it's in my blood, but like from everything
from there, like all the craziness I have in me, is also my youth, but it's also from London, being
in London for like five years change your mindset, much more is allowed there. You know,
much more is, everything's allowed really, in London, especially East land. 11:59

When you have like big city, like a metropolitan like London, you know, you have so many
more specific, like, you could say sub culture but they're dying out, but like, you definitely
have so many more people doing different things and people come all the way from around the
world like you know and probably London is now the city in the world with like, most ethnic,
you know, people come there, from all over the world to study and realize their dream and you
know and that's why it's interesting. 12:33


Jewellery Theatre Elements

And it also like matured me hardcore, being in London and studying with fellow students, that
push you on another level and like here for example, the school system; you always have a hand
on top of your head. You know, in London you get kicked in there, you have to like, progress
and you have to really show good work and the teachers don't treat you right, you know, nice
they treat you nice when you do a good job, but like in the beginning they'll let you know that
you're not up here yet. 13:10

The first two, three seasons, four seasons I didn't design for anyone. I didn't think about like,
what people want is fun. Everything I did back then was just designing for myself. I like this, I
like this, I use some metal, I use some rubber,this going to make it work, I was experimenting.
You have to experiment in the first seasons and then you know now, it's interesting to see how
will people reacted and see it like people on the other side and this is like, this is the business
side comes in so, but never forget, never forget your fantasy and you know like, your originality
of what you do, if you just do what they want then you're already a year behind. 13:53


Jewellery Theatre Fairytales

Last season I did my first season in Copenhagen and I, the shows I've done in London have
always been very well prepared, also like,you know behind the scene and everything. Last
season we did the whole thing our self, right, basically, the music was supposed to come on the
same time as the light and then the light came on forty seconds late and we had like three
models walking in black, they never got shown. So like that was probably the funniest thing to
say, but in this situation, I wasn't too happy about it, I actually smashed a table. Now I can laugh
of course, you know, that’s what happens. 14:29


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